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  1. I had tried to ring without success before. After waiting a while I got through just now to someone who put me through to the right contact. He is sending me a confirmation letter but it will take about 3 weeks to arrive. It cannot be sent by e-mail. I hope the Finanzamt will accept this as it will just say I paid NI contributions and will not specifically mention pension contributions. I think I'll send them my pension forecast and list of years paid as well - maybe it will help. I'll keep you posted.


  2. So first an update on 2016. I followed PandaMunich's advice and just asked my Steuerberater to include the contributions. The Finanzamt accepted them without any problem.

    However, for my tax declaration for 2017 the Finanzamt have asked for a "Bescheinigung der Beiträge", which they didn't ask for in 2016. Maybe because in 2017 it comes to much more as I bought a lot of past years. Does anyone know anything about this Bescheinigung and how to get one? I've sent an e-mail to the international section of the UK pensions department but have not heard back from them.


    By the way, just in case some of you haven't read it yet, there has been an announcement that Class 2 contributions will not be scrapped in 2019 as planned and not in this legislative period at all, which is very good news.


  3. Hello PandaMunich,


    Have you had any experience of this and have you ever had such confirmation? I've spoken to about 10 different people at the Deutsche Rentenversicherung and they all say they don't know anything about it. The last person I spoke to said I could send a mail with a copy of one someone has already received and then they will look into it.




  4. As I understand it, my class 2 voluntary contributions to the UK state pension are tax deductible here in Germany.


    My Steuerberater needs evidence "aus der ersichtlich wird, welche Leistungen von dieser Versicherung erfasst werden. Dies benötigen wir, um prüfen zu können, ob ein Ansatz als Sonderausgaben in der Einkommensteuererklärung  möglich ist und es sich um eine mit der deutschen Rentenversicherung vergleichbare Leistung handelt". I've sent her the list of payments I had to make from HM Revenue and Customs and the corresponding bank transfers but she says this is not enough as it does not indicate that it is comparable with the Germany system.


    Has anyone had any experience with this and what information did you send? I would call the UK pension service but I don't really understand what to ask for.


    I have an online account which indicates my "balance" at the moment but doesn't give any indication of what I paid in in a particular year. It also (strangely) doesn't even have my name on it - just says "Your State Pension summary" and "Your forecast is" etc. but no name!


    All help would be very much appreciated.


  5. We sold our house last year (lived in it ourselves for the whole 4 year period, not rented out). We made a loss if you take costs of purchase/selling into account. We're just doing our 2011 tax return and I wondered if there is anything about the sale, early mortgage repayment penalty etc. that we can offset against tax. Probably not but just in case we're missing something!


    Thanks in advance


  6. Is there an organised firework display on New Years Eve in Bremen? I can't seem to find anything on the internet. I would also be grateful for suggestions for restaurants to go to with a young teenager - all our usual haunts seem to be having parties based around lots of alcohol and discos and he's a bit young for all that. All ideas gratefully received.


  7. It's not really "in advance". You make the first payment for a year by 10th March so you have already earned for just over two months of the three anyway. I have a separate bank account where I put away a percentage of everything I earn and that usually covers it, give or take a bit.


  8. Nor had I before yesterday. I've looked her up and apparently she's from Norway. I think she's got a great voice and the lyrics are just what my friend needs.


    After watching the video I can't get the song out of my head now!


  9. Hello,


    I'm trying to find the lyrics/artist of a song I heard on the radio the other day. It was so appropriate for a friend of mine and I want to buy it for her but I can't seem to find it doing an internet search.


    I was a woman singing and it had very simple backing. She may have been Irish but I'm not sure. The gist was about problems when she was young but now being a successful performer. Bits I can remember are something like "those people who used to call me names and pull my hair now have bare feet and are pregnant ... I'm travelling throughout the world and singing songs... I always had it in me..."


    I'm actually not even sure she sings it in the first person but I think she does.


    Does anyone know what the song is?


    Thanks in advance


  10. I can understand your worry as it was (and to some extent still is) a major issue for me too as my husband works away a lot. For me a mobile phone is a must (as already suggested). My son used to get the bus to the edge of town but I'd have to drive 20 minutes to pick him up from the last bus stop. I was once stuck in a massive traffic jam on the motorway after a pile up. He ended up waiting over two hours for me to pick him up but as he had his phone I could keep in regular contact and there was nothing to worry about. I dread to think what he would have been like if he couldn't have talked to me and found out why I was late.


    And yes, have some designated neighbours/school friends' mums on speed dial - ones that your child knows they are allowed to go with in an emergency as otherwise she may have that "don't go with strangers" thing so deeply engrained that she won't go with them. Go through the routine with her, then if something does happen to you she can just call one of them. You don't have to say she's learning all this in case you die, just that she needs to know these things in case you ever get held up somewhere.



    Try the Holocaust Memorial. It's a good place for kids to play hide and seek there... bring a group of kids!


    Older kids and adults could challenge themselves by hopping between pillars (especially near the center) and be like Spiderman or something..

    Totally inappropriate - it's a memorial not a playground