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  1. Hello, I have various pensions in various countries and want to top them up a bit in the last 11 years before retirement. I am freelance.   I am paying a small amount monthly into a Rürup pension (thanks to John Gunn for his help with that a few years back) and have some credits in the German state pension from previous jobs/ex-husband's job. I also have private health insurance.   The two options I am considering are paying more into the Rürup or making voluntary contributions to the German state pension.   Both are formats where you can claim your contributions off tax but then have to pay tax on the payout when you retire so there is no difference there. Most articles I have read say that the state system has been a better return for your money than Rürup or private pensions over the last ten years on average.   I have also read that the German state pension pays 7.3% on top of your pension towards private health insurance. The Rürup pension doesn't seem to pay this. As the state pension pays 7.3% extra for PKV, it seems to make more sense to pay into the state system, even assuming that the "returns" were the same.    Is there something I am missing or have misunderstood? Of course it is a gamble in terms of returns but it seems to make more sense to pay into the state system than extra into the Rürup.   All help gratefully received
  2. Combination of private health insurance and Rürup/state pension

    Thanks for all the interesting references PandaMunich. I've certainly got a lot of thinking to do!
  3. Combination of private health insurance and Rürup/state pension

    Thanks PandaMunich :). That's definitely true. I pay NI class 2 contributions and there's no better return on your money than that as far as pensions are concerned.    I would, however, appreciate any comments about the PKV combined with German state pension issue.   Thanks in advance.
  4. Difficult landlord

    The problem might be that the OP is expecting the electricity costs to be covered in the Nebenkosten but they might be billed separately by Vattenfall. I pay Nebenkosten for water, heating etc. but have to pay my electricity separately, directly to the provider. If this is the case and the OP hasn't been receiving bills then the provider might cut them off for defaulting.