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  1. Streaming Laws in 2019

    Hi! I know this question has been asked a million times by millions of people who let me try to be as specific as I can as to why I decided to make a NEW post about the "same question".   Back in 2015, friends of mine told me that streaming is a "grey area" that is neither illegal or legal and it is also pretty safe to do without getting cought because the authories don't really pay much attention to it. Or something like that, don't quote me it was a while ago.   Back in 2018, I was told that the German goverment has tighten their streaming laws and you can now get very heavily fined for it as it is now consistered illegal. Again, please don't quote me.   So that comes to my question of what is true and what is not true in 2019? My friend in the UK streams all the time and tells me she doesn't know anybody who has ever been fined, neither do I really know of friends here, but a lot of people watch through Netflix and etc nowadays anyway. So, from all the information that I was told or heard along the way through the years, what is actually valid? Asking as somebody who desn't know much about the laws and etc.   Help? I hope this question was specific enough not to be yet enough duplicate. My apologise if it is.
  2. Hello everybody, my apologise for never replying. Thank you to everybody who responded. This has been really helpful.   @fraufruit, sorry about that. I searched a bit but couldn't find the answer to my most important question. I hope I didn't cause any trouble?   I have currently settled for Netflix and Amazon Prime, finding my self pretty pleased for now. I admit, my love for TV Shows/Movies makes me just want it all. But yes, the Amazon Prime interface is not the best and I just found out that some shows despite being English are only in a German dub. Which is strange. But so far there are no big complains.   I did not think as far as to Hulu only accepting an American credit card. Bugger. I guess I will think about that should I ever consider using a VPN and getting Hulu. Is there any particular VPN that you guys would recommend? Something inexpensive but still good for streaming.   If I am correct to understand, the new EU lay means that it doesn't matter where you live, you can see the same content as long as you are in an EU country?   I watch everything online and do not have a TV, so I just wanted to make sure a VPN is completely legal. Knowing how serious Germany is and really do not want to get in trouble. I love British TV, does anybody know the best streaming sites/add ons for shows like English talk shows or BBC shows? Thanks again for taking time to answer my million questions!
  3. Hello!   I have been living in Germany for a bit, and I used to always us *cough* dodgy *cough* streaming sites because I am a huge TV/Movie fan. Hearing that they a tightening the law on streaming being a grey area I deicded to go for the legal route. I have picked Netflix as my first streaming site, however I wouldn't mind a secondary alternative. Which leads to quite a few questions.   1) What other site would you recommend that has a varity of good choices for somebody who watches all types of movies and shows in English of course but I would be keen on subtitles of other languages are involved.   2) I am really interested in Hulu but the "Only in the US" thing gets to me. Does anybody us it here whilst living in Germany?   3) How... Legal... Is... VPN on a stream site restricted to certain countries and how much of a risk would it be?   4) I hear that Amazon Prime is a good alternative but because of it only posting German only titles, what do you think about it and the interface as somebody who will be sharing their streaming account?   Love to hear back from anybody who has a two cent. Thanks if you do!