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  1. US Troops Moving out of Germany

    US President Donald Trump on Friday told the Pentagon to reduce the number of troops stationed in Germany, a senior US official told the Wall Street Journal.  Last September, former US Ambassador to Germany Richard Grenell threatened such a move if Germany did not increase its defense spending.
  2. Coronavirus

    This will permanently damage the reputation of public health officials.     After months of pleading for social distancing, health officials support protests.
  3. Biden will have a difficult time explaining away the fact that he is credited with writing a piece of legislation which resulted in mass incarceration and was particularly hard on the African American community.  
  4. Police brutality in the USA

      Turns out that it is a grift.    The guy had been asked to leave the square multiple times, but failure to do that seems pretty harmless.    Watch in slow motion and notice what he is doing with what looks like a phone.   He is using that as a capture scanner.     If he was trying to infiltrate the police communications, it probably isn't legal.          
  5. Black BAME and POC Supporters of Trump

      Put me on ignore and save yourself the humiliation / aggravation.  
  6. Black BAME and POC Supporters of Trump

      So if he was kneeling on Al Capone versus Mother Teresa, it makes no diff to you?   Put yourself in the situation of the arresting officers and think it over.   
  7. Police brutality in the USA

      Background not meaning his record, but rather who or what is behind him and what are they doing.    If there was an angry mob to the left of the photo view versus flowers, unicorn, and rainbows, it might have a differnce in the perspective.  
  8. Police brutality in the USA

      You are from and Andean Community country and have lived in Mexico by your own admission.      Could you help me understand how it is you speak with some sort of authority about the US?      Thanks in advance.
  9. Police brutality in the USA

      i am sort of leaning toward the idea that the police are part of the same organism that is protesting rather than an external force.    It is very difficult to put oneself or one's loved ones in a highly volatile position and think about how things would or should unfold.  
  10. Police brutality in the USA

    Did they see an angry, threatening crowd behind the old man?      Put yourself, your wife, your daughter, one of your rescued dogs in the position of the cops, the old man, the raging or peaceful crowd in the background that we cannot see and think of a way out.   In my opinion, it is very dynamic and very difficult.  
  11. Police brutality in the USA

      I like your answer because it reflects the idea that the cops were also afraid.   It would be interesting to see what is in the background behind the 75 year old guy.   I wonder what the cops saw in front of them.     
  12. Police brutality in the USA

      If he had been 30 years old, would you have a different opinion?    What would be an appropriate way to have handled the situation?
  13. Black BAME and POC Supporters of Trump

      How do you know that?   Chauvin and Floyd worked at the same club, by the way.    I have the impression that the protesters and rioters are unaware that the victim did at least 4 stints in prison, may have held a gun to a pregnant woman's stomach, and was someone with a lot of potential who became a career criminal.     This was not Mahatma Gandhi (who i am told was a racist).     He did not deserve to die, but he is not someone for whom you would burn the local grocery store and pharmacy down. 
  14. Black BAME and POC Supporters of Trump

      I am not a fan of Candace Owens, but i watched part of that video.     After watching that video, i did indeed google  "George Floyd aggravated pregnant gun".    I have the impression that at least a few of the hundreds of thousands of people who are outraged, might not have done basic research on the situation.     There is going to be a massive backlash.   
  15. President Donald J. Trump

        Like this, Wulfwrong?    Your memory is shot.   This was only 4 pages ago.        
  16. Police brutality in the USA

      The Toytown Insulin Resistance might want to recognize that any efforts towards gun control in the US were just set back about five years.    
  17. Police brutality in the USA

      @Keleth always tells me incorrectly, that i am wrong, deflecting, and whatabouting.   In this case, he did not offer a link or any kind of support for his conclusion.     Apparently, you have not read the NY Times link i posted to make my point.    Please do take the time to internalize the facts.    Klobuchar was the prosecutor for several years and her relationship with civil rights groups was awful.    
  18. Only in America...

      Rick Grenell was the first openly gay person serving in a Presidential cabinet (as temporary DNI) and Trump congratuated him for it.   Peter Thiel told the Republican Convention in 2016 that he was proud to be homosexual and received a standing ovation.       Forward to the 4:00 minute mark.     This is not the cowardly  don't ask, don't tell of the 1990s.   
  19. President Donald J. Trump

    One cannot make plastic and power cement plants with solar and wind among other things.   Oil will be important for a very long time.    It takes a blue water navy to keep the Straits of Hormuz open and a lot of hard work.   The US is not reliant on oil and gas coming out of the middle east any more and it will scale back its engagement there.   The development is very important.   Germany is still building coal fired electricity generation.    
  20. Police brutality in the USA

      Read this from the NY Times from late February which details her record as a prosecutor.   My guess is that she wants to be Attorney General.
  21. Toytown website improvements/suggestions

      Jeffo has been able to identify 126 of the 2 actual alt accounts on TT.      In addition, he has tagged 18 of the 0 Russian bots, Peterburg troll infiltrators.    I think the Site Operators should jack up his reputations points to 800k.   Jeffo seems to be the only person on TT who actually cares about his reputation points, so give him his participation trophy and everyone clap for him.     
  22. Police brutality in the USA

      There are multiple viewpoints from Americans and you are incorrect to suggest that there is only one correct way to view this situation.
  23. Police brutality in the USA

        Street-wise Krieg reporting from the mean streets of Berlin-Reinickendorf.     It is obvious to someone who has lived in another Andean Community country that you are not from the "barrio".   Give us a break.      
  24. Police brutality in the USA

        It is indeed possible to believe that the rioters were behaving irresponsibly, the people encouraging rioters were self serving and irresponsible and George Floyd did NOT deserve what happened to him.     Rioters and Protesters are not the same thing.      Calm down and think.