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  1.   Very simple - go to any page in the thread from 2017 or 2018 and start reading.   The thread is the evidence.          
  2.   Nothing wrong with ZH, but it needs a filter like any other news source.     The lemmings on this thread who have been wrong for the past 231 pages should be looking to tune their filters, enhance their critical thinking skills, and alter their information sources to avoid being wrong for the next 3 years.      On the sex cult thing, that is a story I would personally filter out.    If you go back a bit on this thread, you can probably notice people calling attention to porn star Stormy Daniels and her sleazy lawyer who while currently being charged with extortion  was touted as a viable Presdential candidate by CNN.      This sex cult thing seems to have sensationalism but without the enormous dilated pupils.  It isn't going to make an impact, IMHO.   
  3.   hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha  
  4. @AlexTrJones -  As Barr mentioned yesterday, he has no objections to Mueller testifying before Congress.        Congress has a recess until April 29.   Hope you and El Jeffo are not on suicide watch and can get out during the holiday weekend.      
  5. @AleXXL       Please append "Anonymous sources, which have proven themselves to be notoriously unreliable and politically biased stirred up discord among die-hard Russiagate Truthers, some of whom claimed" to the beginning of the sentence below.    Barr's apparent partisan attempt at indemnifying and protecting Trump, which is not the job I and the rest of the American taxpaying public are paying him to do.    Leaks have not been reliable for the past 3 years.       You never learn. 
  6.   Is there something wrong with being black?   No need for racism here Jeffo.
  7.   Seth Abramson is the poster child for the Russia-Truther movement.      You never learn. 
  8. Future of Germany

      When they develop more towards using their own technology rather than relying on it from an external source, their appeal will not be cheap labor any more.     The design and engineering can mostly be done in China and manufactured wherever the Chinese decide.      Take Huawei and 5G as examples.   Not textiles or cheap toys.    Look at nuclear energy as a second example.   
  9.   Why do you continue to rely on anonymous sources quoted in the NYT?    Why get "bothered" by anything unless the source is on record?   Did he and Trump talk about grandkids on the tarmac someplace for 30 minutes?   You never learn.   
  10. Stone Brewing in Alt Mariendorf, Berlin

      I simply asked how many?   It was not meant as a hostile question.   The Edekas and Rewe in NRW have limited selections.     The Polish grocery stores i have visited in Warsaw central area and Krakow old town have carried 10-20 different types of craft beer with larger stores carrying more.   It is a huge contrast to what i see in NRW.      
  11. Stone Brewing in Alt Mariendorf, Berlin

      I have visited Munich many times, but have not tried to purchase beer in a grocery store.     You are right - even in the bars there, it is not weighted towards Pilsner.    How many truly distinct types do you see rather than distinct brands of basically the same type of beer?    Pilsner, Helles, Weissbier, Kellarbier, ... ?   My experience in NRW has been that most people don't even understand what craft beer or Pale Ale is.  
  12. Notre Dame is on fire

      The building is more than a religious structure.   It has deep significance for the French State and even for French people who are not Catholic.       Art and architecture and the symbols they generate,  inspire and unite people of different cultures.    Surprised that nobody has mentioned the Frauenkirche in Dresden.     Money came from all over the world to rebuild it.   The winner of the 1999 Nobel Prize in Medicine and Physiology,  Günter Blobel, donated his almost $1 million prize to the Frauenkirche and Semper Synagogue rebuilding efforts in Dresden.ünter_Blobel#Philanthropy   These buildings, like Notre Dame, are symbolic and provide much more than religious utility.  
  13. Stone Brewing in Alt Mariendorf, Berlin

      Craft beer is more widely available in Budapest, Peterburg, Warsaw, Krakow, and even Tallinn, then it is in Berlin.   The Polish have told me that the Czechs and Germans resist craft beers because they feel compelled to defend their tradition.      German beer seems to be 95% Pilsner, 2-3% Hefeweizen and 1-2% other, e.g. Kellarbier, Alt, Bock, Berliner Weisse.    Beers like Jever are a bit different, but for the most part, I find different brands of Pilsner to be almost indistinguishable.      I don't drink much beer and even though I avoid more than a small glass of Pale Ale, I have recommended it to Germans simply because it is different.      
  14. Future of Germany

      It would be interesting to hear any response you have to the (6) and now (7) points identified.
  15. Future of Germany

      AFAIK, Cobalt will basically be supplied by the Democratic Republic of Congo, i.e. mines in eastern Congo.    There will be resource wars between China, the US, Russia (already has Wagner people there), and probably France.   Unless Germany wants to engage Erik Prince  to help procure supply, it might be helpful to either develop military capabilities or get those NATO verbal commitments paid up.   Based on the soft support for additional spending, I doubt that the US will guarantee supplies of Cobalt, Lithium and rare earth metals the way it has maintained the flow of oil.     Add point (7)   7.   Germany has few natural resources necessary to power a manufacturing economy outside of brown coal, water, and arable land.   With the growth of China and others,   Germany will need to rely on some of its partners with sufficient firepower, e.g. the US, UK, and France for procuring inputs.