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  1. Coronavirus

      Just to be clear, what you have quoted is a political statement, not a science based statement even if it was made by scientists and published in the Lancet.     COVID-19 anti-bodies fade and eventually disappear in infected people.
  2. Black BAME and POC supporters of Trump

        Are you unaware that art and media influence attitudes and opinions and when you normalize certain language usage or behavior, it propagates negative attitudes towards various groups?     Apparently not.      Would you find it appropriate to post memes from "Mandingo" or quote songs from the Rolling Stones like "Brown Sugar" and "Some Girls"?   Those are not real life, but certainly reflective of racists attitudes which were accepted decades ago, but no longer.    TT's top Outrage Olympian uses a quote in his profile rank from a film which produced the very outdated piece below.    He truly picked the wrong week to stop sniffing glue.           
  3. Black BAME and POC supporters of Trump

      Whatabout, whatabout, whatabout, whatabout.    I am not apoplectic and telling people which words they can and cannot use.   Go ahead and "educate" us.    
  4. Heart attack at the age of 41

      What are the main components of your diet and how many meals per day do you eat?
  5. Black BAME and POC supporters of Trump

      No - thinks that it is ironic for Keleth to use content from a movie which frequently uses words he finds so offensive.      You never learn.   
  6. Black BAME and POC supporters of Trump

      How many times is the N-word used in that movie, smart guy?      A few pages back you argued that people who associate with racists and racism are themselves racists.   🤪
  7.   Like this?
  8. Heart attack at the age of 41

      You're making progress!   😂
  9. Heart attack at the age of 41

      In my opinion carbs are more harmful than fat.   There seems to be a notion that saturated fat winds up in the circulatory system almost  in its pre ingested form and it isn't correct.   The French eat nearly twice as much saturated fat as British yet have a lower rate of heart disease.   It is not completely correct to isolate one factor, but automatically categorizing fat as bad is not correct.
  10. Black BAME and POC supporters of Trump

      Why would any moderator kill the golden goose?    Offering a place for disaffected, chronically angry expats to mob others is TT's core business.    
  11. Heart attack at the age of 41

      The spikes are harmful though.     You might find this interesting.       
  12. Heart attack at the age of 41

      I guess they type very fast.      Unfortunately, more than 25% of the UK is obese. 
  13. Heart attack at the age of 41

      Read more than one study to see if you can find some with both stronger and weaker language and then make up your mind.      if you are interested, trace through the mechanisms, i.e. how the liver processes carbs.   After eating carbs, glycogen in the body can be replenished, but the interesting part if what happens with the excesses and they largely get converted to fat.    With respect to excesses, there are also limits to how much can be absorbed i.e. maximum of around 250 calories per hour.         I am hardly a low-carb or keto fanatic, but in doing long distance training and events, the idea of training the body to burn fat is practical and in some cases necessary.      People who eat a diet heavy in pasta, rice, and potatoes and work in an office, are almost certain to end up overweight or obese.  
  14. Black BAME and POC supporters of Trump

      Only a person who strives to keep their kids separated from other ethnic and socio-economic backgrounds would think that others are envious.       If anyone had doubts whether you are racist or not, it should be abundantly clear now.     Go back to suburbia.      
  15. Black BAME and POC supporters of Trump

      Then kindly STFU.