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  1. Climate change discussion

      You have missed some of the history of the thread.     El Jeffo is one of many climate doomsters on this thread who sees an existential threat  but drives a car, eats meat, and takes flights to go on vacation and believes that requests to make any lifestyle changes to minimize one's personal carbon footprint is fascist.   The loudest voices on this thread demanding that everyone buy in to the AGW doom defiantly refuse to make any major lifestyle changes.           
  2. Climate change discussion

      Recommendations to reduce one's carbon footprint are fascist.   The power of belief will save the planet from this existential crisis.   Because science.     
  3. Climate change discussion

      Takes discretionary long haul flights,  unnecessarily generating tons of CO2, and now engaging in handwringing because of damage from too much CO2.     Nice self awareness.      😂😂
  4. Climate change discussion

      Who would have thought that students would opt to skip Friday afternoon classes and enjoy the nice weather with their friends while saying a few Hail Gretas.     My guess is that a 9:00 am Saturday start time wouldn't bring quite as much humanity to the protest.   
  5. Climate change discussion

      Confessons are associated with religious movements.      Just buy theses indulgences ...  er ... carbon credits and you will have salvation.  
  6. Climate change discussion

      Quoting the IPCC reort is alt-science??   You are truly a clown.  😂
  7. Climate change discussion

    Who styled your hair?
  8. Climate change discussion

    IPCC Report 2018 p. 771 - bullet point (6)   The climate system is a coupled non-linear chaotic system, and therefore the long-term prediction of future climate states is not possible.    
  9.   It was ratified by the US Senate on the same day that it ratified US entry into the League of Nations.     How are you today?
  10. 33 member nations: Australia, Bahrain, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, Denmark, France, Germany, Greece, Iraq, Italy, Japan, Jordan, Republic of Korea, Kuwait, Malaysia, The Netherlands,  New Zealand, Norway, Pakistan, The Philippines, Portugal, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Seychelles, Singapore, Spain, Thailand, Turkey, UAE, United Kingdom, United States and Yemen.   Would be interesting to see a breakdown by country.      Reminds me of this:–_Iraq#List_of_countries_in_the_coalition    
  11.   and Bush II and Clinton.      From WP 1999.
  12.   Number of troops versus number of troops which are prepared/trained for deployment.    If you read the first paragraph, it is the same situation with jets.   Less than 10% of the jets and no submarines are ready for action.  
  13.   hooperski's original video seems to ignore the fact that the reason the US has a huge military budget and acts like the world's police is that (surprise, surprise!)   it is basically functioning as the world's police.     Take any security situation which is seen as a partnership or a multilateral agreement or cooperation, consider that the EU has a population larger than the US, then ask yourself, out of all the entities in this agreement, which one is indispensable?       Sure other countries help, but if the US, for example, decides that it will no longer worry about the Straits of Hormuz since it is energy independent, which countries are in a position to defend their national interests?      Whether the US is right, wrong, or otherwise, i don't care.  Germany is getting a sweet deal right now, and i believe it is against the German national interest to have the US disengage.      
  14.   The source is Deutsche Welle.   Is that also a radical right wing publication?   Germany' preparedness and commitment to preparedness is not solid.   Would you agree?    I should have written Germany is not increasing its military budget sufficiently to hit its 2% commitment, but we all knew what was meant.   The 2% target has been the hot button.   
  15.    Who is this international community?   Is it more than a token presence in places like the Persian Gulf?   Sure Australia and France sent help, but who is doing the heavy lifting?      Is export champion Germany participating?