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  1. Coronavirus

      Democrat Jimmy Carter was considered an idiot by Helmut Schmidt (i don't agree by the way).   Republican Ronald Reagan was loathed by the Germans while he was making bold moves to win the Cold War which benefitted Germany enormously.  If i were a US American, I wouldn't worry too much about what the Germans think because while critical, they aren't too sharp at predicting the outcomes.   Also, don't expect them to admit that they were totally wrong about RR.     Gen 68 in Germany and the unrest that inspired young people all over the world to take the streets in 1968 had one galvanizing issue:   the increase of US troops in Vietnam by then US POTUS, Democrat Lyndon B. Johnson.    You will need to read some books for details.   
  2. Coronavirus

      His name was George W. Bush.   Maybe you haven't been here very long.   
  3. Coronavirus

      Who will be your scapegoat when Trump is gone?    For people addicted to hate, there is always someone who needs to be blamed.   Even though you crave conformity and orthodoxy,  I don't think i will buy in to your authoritarian vision.   Cry to the mods if it hurts your feelings or makes you feel offended.   boo hoo hoo - poor murphaph.     
  4. Coronavirus

    If off-topic is no problem, I don't want to seem anti-social.      Smooch  💋
  5. Coronavirus

      True - but Germans tend to be self-righteous about such things as if their government and corporations are repulsed by such things.      Jeba will now counter that the US is a zillion times worse, and therefore Germans should simply ignore this and continue focusing on George W's   errr  Trump's sociopathic behavior.      There is always a shiny object and people here do not criticize the home team.    Very creepy.  
  6. Coronavirus

      Given that the negotiations became a lot easier after removing the democratically elected President, one might think that there was a conflict of interest and a subversion of Democracy.     I didn't notice any protests.   People were too distracted with the Trump impeachment and abiding by the general guideline to never criticize the home team.   
  7. Coronavirus

      For you and any other Irish citizens or people with Irish heritage, I would like to publicly apologize for the remarks i made which may have exploited a well known health/lifestyle choice/problem in Ireland.   Even if you made indefensible and tasteless remarks about the opioid crisis in the US, there is no excuse to stoop to your level.    By the way, if whatever that thing i referred to does not explain 7 posts of ranting in a row and constant stream of anti-American vitriol, then unfortunately, it would seem that you have some very serious issues which are quite permanent and enduring and not a matter of whatever you might be metabolizing.    This is noted.            
  8. Coronavirus

      Iranian sanctions and mobilizing against the Maduro regime have nothing to do with Corona virus.   You are blinded by hatred.     Remember Suez!  😂
  9. Coronavirus

      Berlin has retracted the accusations.   Trump is the shiny object that keeps Europeans distracted from their own governments' missteps. The CureVac story was leaked an hour after the Federal Reserve bailed out the European banking system (again).  
  10. Coronavirus

      Has nothing to do with Coronavirus but it seems the topic is basically a catch all again until it isn't.   Why not put this on the Trump thread or Politics XYZ?    If you are from S. America, it should be quite clear that whether now or later, this is the end game.       Germany took advantage of the coup against Evo Morales in Bolivia by signing a Lithium deal two weeks after that coup, so maybe there is an upside for Germany.   You never saw protests over the skullduggery because it did not appear on the front page in Germany.    
  11. Coronavirus

      Has nothing to do with Coronavirus but it seems the topic is basically a catch all again until it isn't.   Why not put this on the Trump thread or Politics XYZ?     Delivery of medical equipment and medicine to Iran were not outlawed by the sanctions, but they needed to go through special payment mechanisms so that other non-medical transactions could not be slipped in.        The EU could have negotiated a pull back of Iranian support for Hezbollah in south Lebanon, pull back of support for multiple proxies in Iraq and Yemen, and cessation of IRGC drug dealing but folded instead.      Iranians should get access to medicine and medical supplies, but the government is cynically using this wedge to get access to the international payments system to ease sanctions for other things. 
  12. Coronavirus

    He was predicting those things as Brexit scenarios 2 years ago.  🤪  
  13. Coronavirus

      If you venture over to the Brexit thread (and i don't recommend that on a full stomach), you will notice that the harbinger of doom, @murphaph , predicted food shortages, medicine shortages, intententional crashing of the UK Pound, intentional crashing of the stock markets and a return of "the troubles" for months on end.    If Trump is struck by lightening today, there will be a new scapegoat and an apocalyptic vision to tie to said scapegoat within a short time.     It's gotta be tough to live in the same living space as someone like that.     
  14. Coronavirus

      3M not GM.    Look at the back of your post-it notes.      If 3M is getting bailed out by the US government or benefitting from eased credit conditions enabled by the US Treasury and Fed,  maybe it makes sense for the company to rethink the strategy of going to the highest bidder.      
  15. Coronavirus

      With everyone so focused on the US healthcare system and Donald Trump,  it seems that nobody is interested that the WHO   1. lied about the efficacy of masks  2. claimed there was no human to human transmission 3. claimed air travel restrictions would not protect anyone in early February 4. waited until March 11 to declare COVID-19 a pandemic 5. praised the Chinese government for transparency when it was anything but transparent    People wonder why there is a lack of trust in some supranational institutions.