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  1.   If Germany builds LNG terminals, those can be supplied by others, not just the US.    There are lots of countries besides Russia and the US who produce gas.      This aggressive move by the US is not driven by Trump or Grenell.    Germany's self centered policies and lack of contribution to NATO have been issues for almost 20 years.   The tone and rhetoric are absolutely different, but the message has been there for a long time.    Poland's complaints about NS2 have been openly expressed for more than 10 years.     Germany would be unable to counter Russian moves if it is dependent on Russia for its energy supply.   Going forward with NS2 is a long term strategic move and NATO countries are correct to be outraged.      
  2.   I typed yesterday, 14 hours ago:   ------------ Yes it does.   Do you think something like this has never happened before?     They can do as they like and face the consequences.      Nordstream II combined with Germany's skepticism toward increasing their NATO contributions will kill NATO and the EU.    Don't blame Grenell for exposing Germany's self centered approach. ---------------   It is absolutely justified and reflects how badly things have deteriorated.      Germany is on a suicidal path right now.     
  3.   Germany is basically a vassal state of the US.   The US basically put Europe in golden handcuffs.   It has hardly been an oppressive power.   Look at Greece to see what the EU core will do to preserve its own selfish interests.   The US is not pressuring Germany anything like that (yet).   Germany is held captive by the fact that the US guarantees its security and also security on the high seas and during the Cold War, it built Germany up via preferred trade terms.  It was a strategy of enhancing security by increasing prosperity.   Germans think they pulled themselves up by the bootstraps.    They acommplished a lot, but had a lot of help.   This is an important detail of history which is ignored or unknown by most Germans.     Using the Estonia example, if the US Ambassador had to warn specific Estonian companies about business activities with the Russians, it would mean that the elites need to make a decision.    In addition, if the decree (for lack of a better word) was public, it would probably mean that diplomatic channels had been attempted and had failed.   I would guess that these matters never get escalated to public visibility.      The US should twist and even break Germany's arm if it turns its back on NATO and its eastern neighbors.   If German industry increases dependence on Russian energy, NATO members in the east will not be able to count on German support if their security is threatened.   Germany should diversify its suppliers and avoid dependence on Russia.     If i have not answered the question, please formulate it directly and i will do my best tomorrow morning.
  4.   The US and Germany have different roles and responsibilities within the western security framework and the economic order.    Unfortunately, most Germans are completely unaware of that and consider Germany to simply be smaller rather than different.    Germany is dependent on the US much more than the US is dependent on Germany.    The only way one country can "blackmail" (I prefer "pressure" ) is if the country applying the pressure is in a much better negotiating position.     To use an obvious example, Estonia does not pressure the US, but does its best to cooperate and cut a good deal.   Germans don't realize that they are in the same situation.     This is due to large scale ignorance of the post-war order within Germany.   If Germans have a sense of pride, and think they are independent, then that is a failing of the education system.  
  5. If Germany believes that the money saved on gas prices outweighs the loss of some other things, then it should go ahead.     If Germany is getting a lot of benefit from US support, a strong NATO and good relations with NATO members in the east, then maybe a rethink is in order.   You seem to approve of taking advantage but not facing consequences for selfish decisions.     Germany is basically putting nails in the coffin of NATO and by extension, the EU.  
  6.   Trade policy and security policy are two sides of the same coin.   
  7.   First you should watch the video before making critical statements indicating that you did not watch the video.       Also, drink less and exercise more.   If you are overweight and inactive, not only is your physical health at risk but you are more prone to outbursts of anger.   Hope that helps.  
  8.   You and I do not agree, but we are having a discussion about  policies and issues.      From my pov, the US completely props up the EU and Germany.   If Germany wants to play coy, the Fed should just terminate swap lines and tell Angela Merkel to stuff it.   Either Germany shores up its commitment to NATO and the EU or the US withdraws support.    I think that Germany should be more cooperative with the Baltics and Poland by choice, but if the US muscles Germany, I have no problem with that.    It is strange to see Germans so blatantly ignore their own dark history.      
  9.   He might have more important things on his mind, e.g. trade talks with China.    Hope you have a nice evening.  
  10. Brexit dilemma, what to do?

      Three word story.      Unless they can get more money out of you by revoking your residence, your status is not under threat. 
  11.       I am interested in security and financial politics rather than identity politics.    You might want to look at jeba's arguments.    From my point of view, the incidence of German politicians backing away from their commitments for 2024, the failure to stop the Nordstream II project, and Germany's utter selfishness in damaging the EU and NATO are the central topics.     Do you have anything to contribute besides insults?      
  12.     Hardly, but if you want to resort to conspiracy theories, you go right ahead.   
  13.   Are you a boy?   Are you big?   You seem confused.   
  14.   The focus of your attention, Alan Dershowitz, has never been POTUS.     
  15.   It seems like you would have done the research unless you wanted to score political points.      Trump, both Clintons, Prince Andrew and others - all dispicable people, wouldn't you agree?