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  1. Brexit: The fallout

    Cyber is important, but what is happening in Libya and in the eastern Med is not going to be countered with cyber defence.       The Turkish military could wipe the floor with any EU country's military outside of the UK and possibly France.      The EU has not become a net exporter of oil and gas (as the US has) so it might be a bit premature to become disinterested in the middle east especially if you have an economy disproportionally dependent on automobile production.    In addition, volatility in places like Libya has an enormous effect on the EU, especially the southern members.     Keeping external actors from stirring things up is basic defence of EU security interests.      I would like to point out one of our fundamental differences:    I see the role of the UK in EU to be incredibly important.    The EU will continue to rely on the UK independent of Brexit and this gives the UK a lot of leverage in the talks.   I have the impression that you have discounted this and believe that the EU negotiating position in Brexit talks is considerably stronger than it is.   
  2. Coronavirus

      You can compare the cases versus deaths and decide if the second wave of infections is accompanied by a lagging second wave of deaths.    I don't see it (yet).
  3. Brexit: The fallout

      The EU depends on the UK for defence and security and gets huge benefits from Britain's military.   With the US less interested to provide free security to NATO members which do not spend enough money to maintain a competent fighting force, the UK has a lot of leverage over the EU and it seems doubtful that the EU will make any moves with respect to Gibraltar, Cyprus, or Scotland outside of rhetoric.   There does not seem to be a thread on TT about the posturing in the east Mediterranean Sea right now, nor the intervention of various countries (Russia, Turkey, Egypt) in Libya.   Being able to project power will continue to be important even if the Cold War is sort of over and many Europeans don't see imminent threats.
  4. Coronavirus

      You can come out from underneath your bed, Keith.      Please provide some hospitalization data to show some context.     With respect to deaths:    (yawn)        
  5. Brexit: The fallout

      The main east-west boulevard in Santiago, Chile is named after Bernardo O'Higgins who was a founding father of Chile and the son of number 7 in your article's list.  
  6. Only in America...

    The crowd is paying a lot of money to watch the Gladiators fight one another.    If the fans preferred to listen to a sermon, they would still be at church.     I don't watch sports on television much if at all, but seeing the money in these systems, especially men's football and basketball and watching the people benefitting kill the golden geese is really astonishing.   Someone i follow on Twitter was throwing out numbers of ticket, televsion and merchandising revenue lost due to the football season being cancelled for a midwestern university due to the Governor's decision.      Over a billion dollar hole in the budget for a uni to be picked up by the state or get cut.    
  7. Brexit: The fallout

      Since you did not really offer details about the trade deal having the highest impact, i found it a bit premature to conclude that the UK is doomed.   You have overlooked the most important point i have made:   trade agreements are part of security agreements.   Drawing nearer to the US is a better option for the UK in the long run.      Germany has not been a good security partner for the US, and it will have an effect on trade.    Looking forward to your rebuttal.   
  8. Who do you think will actually win?

      Back at you.   Chicken mushroom dom benedictine.
  9. Brexit: The fallout

      I will!!       Hope you do too!
  10. Who do you think will actually win?

      I recommend you watch the full video.   As you are a Medical Doctor, i won't argue with you about the diagnosis.   The important question is what the jurors will think and how any outcome short of conviction will be received. 
  11. Who do you think will actually win?

    You have not read basic background info.   Do your own due diligence.    
  12. Brexit: The fallout

      Time for your siesta.  😴   murphaph specifically referred to this thread  🤪   We will get to see how accurate the Brexiteers on the thread here were in their predictions of global glory for Britain.
  13. Brexit: The fallout

      Quote those Brexiteers who predicted global glory.    The UK will be less worse than if they keep themselves attached to the EU.   That is my prediction and always has been.      Keep it real.  
  14. Who do you think will actually win?

      I am not sure how "Western European" police would approach someone who has done hard time for not only drug offences but also for holding a gun to a pregnant woman's belly during a home invasion / robbery.    Somehow, i doubt that the approach is uniform across all countries and even across all municipalities and neighborhoods within those municipalities, but who knows.     But those are value judgements on policing techniques in the US (also probably not monolithic) and avoidance of the main topic:    George Floyd was intoxicated, refusing to get into the police vehicle and complaining about not being able to breathe while he was still on his feet.      The argument that he was overdosing might get traction and given that the officers did not seem to act with malicious intent, my guess is that they are going to walk.     Release of this video showing that George Floyd was not in a good physical or mental state prior to being held down by the police could have made the situation less tense.  
  15. It will be interesting to see the surge in treatments / hospitalizations / deaths resulting from the actions of this superspreader.    I am going to take a wild guess and say that the uptick will be barely perceptible.   Nobody will remember in 2 weeks.