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  1. President Donald J. Trump

      In my opinion, there is no chance of a Gold Standard.  -  podcasts are worth a listen.  
  2. US Presidential Election Fallout

    Interesting perspective:    
  3. Coronavirus

      A Researcher named Trevor Bedford from a very reputable cancer research center in Seattle posted some estimates on Twitter that there is on average a 22 lag between increases in case counts and increases in deaths.    MikeMelga (M2 going forward) claims that Sweden's statistics may be delayed by another 10 days.    22 + 10 == 32.     FWIW, i have no reason to think he has corrupted these statistics.   On the other hand, i don't agree with almost all of his forecasts.       
  4. Coronavirus

    So should we wait another 22 - 32 days?  😇        
  5. Only in America...

      He fired at people who were assaulting him.    This is why people do not trust the press.    His gun possession may have been illegal and he may have been out past his bedtime, but the people chasing him were not playing a game of tag.        
  6. President Donald J. Trump

    @jeremytwo - can you help me understand how you were able to get all of the people who are ignoring you to see and respond to your posts?       From what i understand, the Electoral College will vote on December 14.   Trump does not need the recounts, lawsuits and other methods to overturn the result so that he gets 270 electoral votes, but rather, he needs to put enough states in play so that Biden does not have 270 electoral votes.     If there is one state that either flips or declare that it cannot determine a winner based on the level of fraud, the whole thing will unravel very fast.    Should be an interesting month.      Has anyone noticed that the oft predicted large scale right wing violence after Trump failed to secure a victory on election night never materialized?    🤡
  7. President Donald J. Trump

      As you know, I am not a fan of QChan and have publicly written that i would not be surprised it is a "pied piper" operation.    I never would have read the post had you not called attention to it.    That said, J2 looks sane compared to the people who fell for every anonymously sourced anti-Trump narrative over the course of 3-4 years, some of it before my time on the forum, and fortunately for them, deactivated by the Gatekeeper.   It had to be exhausting for anyone who shared living with those forum participants.   Perhaps the person who wrote the post J2 quoted is African American.    It has been argued on this forum that people can use disparaging terms for a group as long as they are part of that group.    It's clearly a disingenuous attempt to justify hate, but it never raises any issues here.  🤡   Example:    
  8. President Donald J. Trump

      You seem a bit silly demanding that nobody engage with the so-called wind up accounts while constantly blathering about the fact that you are not paying any attention to wind-up accounts.   Maybe you are wound up.   
  9. President Donald J. Trump

      New deaths are from today, November 22 and has risen from 53 to 142 since i posted the table a few hours ago.    Source is here:   Why isn't murphaph holding the leader of Andorra accountable?   🤡
  10. President Donald J. Trump

    And the leaders of these countries?    Why aren't you holding the leader of San Marino accountable?    🤡    
  11. Conspiracy theorists

      Masks do not reduce your chance of contracting the virus as shown by the study.    Please adjust your views due to updated scientific findings.      
  12. Conspiracy theorists

    They don't protect anyone.   Listen to the science.
  13. Conspiracy theorists

      Listen to science.
  14. Crazy political correctness in the UK

      If you cried racism during the George Floyd controversy to ingratiate yourself with the mob and seem progressive (you did  ) then i hope you don't enjoy the ride.      🤡
  15. Coronavirus

      * As of Tuesday, roughly 762,000 residents of North Dakota have died after testing positive for COVID, including 615 deaths due to COVID and 118 deaths where COVID was not the primary cause.   Fake News.   FYI and FWIW, North Dakota only has 762k residents and just over 800 deaths.     New Jersey, New York, and Taxachusettes have worse mortality rates.   Don't worry though - those dead people still reliably vote Democrat.   🤡   By the way, i thought that memes go on the other Corona thread.