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  1. Climate change

      Excellent.  👍
  2. Brexit: The fallout #DisasterCapitalism.  🤡
  3. US Presidential Election Fallout

    Dems shocked to find their lives still suck after Trump is no longer president  
  4. Climate change

    Wind turbines in Texas are frozen and electricity price has spiked.       
  5. Coronavirus

      Still skeptical that he is first and foremost driven by politics?   
  6. Brexit: The fallout

      😂  try to stay on track.   
  7. Brexit: The fallout

      While the answer is clearly "option two", you need some work on that "power of three" marketing as option one is not really mutually exclusive from options two or three.   🤟  
  8. Bitcoin - a decentralised digital currency

      Fiat is convenient, and the ability to pay or borrow in reserve currencies provides the liquidity needed for the international financial system.    There is a huge infrastructure around major currencies, swaps, bonds, interest rate derivatives   I have never traded crypto and currently have no interest in doing so or any reason to think it should be illegal.   I would approach it like trading "paper" gold, i.e. it is just another trade.    If you make money trading it, that's great.     Christine Lagarde, Janet Yellen, and others who have influence and whose words are uttered for effect rather than substance have raised concerns, which in my opinion are exaggerated.    But whether they are correct or not, is less important than what their actions will be.  My opinion is that they are likely telegraphing future policy and that should be incorporated into the risk assessment of the trade.
  9. Brexit: The fallout

      Got it.   Something like RemainerAnon, i.e.   RAnon or #RAnon   I like it.      You may be an RAnoner if more than a few of these are true:   1.   You believe that the Brexit vote is the first ballot initiative in human history in which proponents of one side lied.  2.   You see doom straight ahead for the UK, and if not straight ahead then a bit later.   If not a bit later, then much later, but there will certainly be doom. 3.   You believe that any problems caused in countries outside the UK by the COVID lockdowns are the result of Brexit in the UK and not COVID lockdowns. 4.   You have contempt for BoJo.   You despise and/or fear Nigel Farage. 5.   You believe Margaret Thatcher is the most evil European politician of the second half of the twentieth century. 6.   You seem to take everything the EU Commission says at face value while dismissing anything coming out of Number 10. 7.   You seem to have a short term but intensive interest in the British fishing industry, the Kent Lorry Park, and independent musicians. 8.   You completely ignore the strong relationship between the Bank of England and the US Fed. 9.   You completely ignore the role of the UK in European security. 10. Your news source barely mentions the recently signed CAI. 11. You enjoy lacing your political opinions with references to feces, urine, and vomit.    12. You fail to understand or accept that the EU Commission doesn't give a f*** about Ireland except to use it for political leverage.   13. You ignore anyone who does not share your extreme views and somehow marvel in the idea that there is no opposition to your arguments.  
  10. Cholesterol values - question for the Doctors

      With gyms closed, i have been able to get decent workouts in with a jump rope and can recommend it to anyone looking to add some variety to their routine.   You can get a very good workout in with less than 30 minutes of activity depending on your rest intervals.    The equipment will cost 12 euros if you get a decent rope.   In addition to strengthening legs, hips, and back, it provides a decent shoulder workout and cardio.    The mobility training and hand/eye coordination make it interesting.   I do "sprints" with my oldest son, i.e. jumping while running in place as fast as possible for 45 seconds.   It is a lot like interval training on a track.      I am taking a break while there is snow on the ground, but where possible i jump a surface like a running track, outdoor gym or playground which has a softer, non-asphalt surface.   Good luck.   
  11. Coronavirus

      When i get 40 what?   Coherent you say?    🤡   What is scientific about producing answers or recommendations which are politically acceptable rather than scientifically sound?      Follow the science.  
  12. Coronavirus

      Relax.       Below is the original German which i quoted.   Is the translation of "einwirken" to "influence" or "impact" not correct?   Your German is surely better than mine, and it would be helpful if you can correct the translation if this is not correct or is somehow distorted.     Politicians may have increased the level of fear with cooked statistics in order to force compliance to draconian lockdown restrictions.    One of the funniest things i have noticed in Germany is that people trust the institutions here.    Baffling.   🤔   In der ersten Hochphase der Pandemie wirkte das Haus von Innenminister Horst Seehofer auf Forscher ein. Daraufhin lieferten sie Ergebnisse für ein dramatisches „Geheimpapier“ des Ministeriums.
  13. Brexit: The fallout

      If a tree falls in the forest but the tree is on ignore, does it make a sound?    🤡   It is not a positive, but all citizens of EU countries should be concerned about the CAI.   The UK was able to avoid participating in what seems to be an agreement driven by side deals for the bigger players (Germany and France) at the expense of the smaller countries.    
  14. Coronavirus

      It should, but there should be empirical evidence which is statistically different from a control group and adjusted for seasonality.   If the vaccines are not effective, expect to see a flattening of the case loads through the summer and then a spike in cases starting around November.      
  15. Coronavirus

      Please do read (in German) or translate and read this article which is fully unsurprising.    Anyone who believes that Scientists are independent of politics when their funding depends on political processes, is really naive.         From Die Welt:   An extensive correspondence, which is available to WELT AM SONNTAG, shows: In the first peak phase of the pandemic, the home of Interior Minister Horst Seehofer influenced researchers. As a result, they provided results for a dramatic "secret paper" of the ministry.