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  1.   Agree.    It is wrong.       But you and the others who recently woke up and noticed bad things have been happening need to own the fact that it became a problem for you in 2017 and you didn't give a shit about it before hand.       Your outrage is absolutely partisan and to pretend that you are above politicizing this miserable situation is absolutely dishonest.     Where were you in 2014?    Hello ?
  2.   Sadly, people only care if they can score political points without really caring about the inhumane conditions which have been in effect for years.   Now, go look for the TT threads documenting criticism that you, AlexTr, El Jeffo, Katheliz, and LavenderRain heaped on Obama for these atrocities.        Is that "whataboutism" or simply clear proof that the moral outrage on this board is partisan sniping.  
  3.   For him, it is going very poorly.   For the US, he is doing some things that desperately needed to be done.    His confrontational policy towards China has averted a hot war which would have been inevitable within 20 years otherwise.     His pullback from NATO, his recent remarks that China and Japan should protect their own tankers in the Straits of Hormuz signalling the end of the US patrolling the high seas for everyone else without compensation, and the initiation of more equitable trade agreements given a lack of a quid pro quo with respect to security all would have happened under Hillary had she been elected.      Sorry - but identity politics and fake outrage aren't really my thing so we might not see eye to eye.    
  4.   Looks like a boiler room, pump and dump scenario to me.      I hope that anyone reading your posts on this thread is aware of the risks of playing small biotechs.     PTN traded as low as $0.95 yesterday.     Be careful out there. 
  5.   The next domino to fall, the next shoe to drop, tick-tock bitches, etc.     
  6.   My point was that the implications of a reparations agreement go far beyond the borders of the US and may serve as a template for other countries.    While LR was simply trying to score political points, the issue is interesting beyond its use in the 2020 election circus.      Without a few details, it is very difficult to say if it will get traction or if it will be viewed as fair and equitable.     I have no position, but have an open mind towards arguments and sentiments.     Nice attempt at race baiting though.     
  7. How to date without tinder

      There is a big community of people from your country in Düsseldorf, and from what i have heard, significant communities in Wiesbaden and Berlin.   Have you considered getting socially connected with them?   I have found the Iranians in Germany to be friendly and much better educated on average than the locals.      Good luck.
  8.   This seems like it should be a different thread.    If you open one, maybe some of the participants from the UK can weigh in about the reimbursement given to slave owning families there.   This is pretty scandalous.   That is a 178 year looting by the monied class.       <from Wikipedia> The Act provided for payments to slave-owners. The amount of money to be spent on the payments was set at "the Sum of Twenty Million Pounds Sterling".[18] Under the terms of the Act, the British government raised £20 million (£16.5 billion in 2013 pounds, when calculated as wage values)[19] to pay out for the loss of the slaves as business assets to the registered owners of the freed slaves. In 1833, £20 million amounted to 40% of the Treasury's annual income[20] or approximately 5% of the British GDP[21] (5% of the British GDP in 2016 was around £100 billion).[22] To finance the payments, the British government had to take on a £15 million loan, finalised on 3 August 1835, with banker Nathan Mayer Rothschild and his brother-in-law Moses Montefiore. The money was not paid back until 2015.[23]
  9. Climate change discussion

      Because the changes required did not involve monumental changes to the entire energy infrastructure.     If you drive a car to work when you could take public transport, perhaps you can tell us why your convenience is more important than doing your part to address what is perceived by some as an existential threat to human life on the planet.  
  10.   The deal failed because the Democrats would not build the wall and shut the border to stop uncontrolled illegal immigration in exchange for amnesty for the Dreamers.    Nice attempt at race-baiting though.   
  11.   Most Americans are pro-immigration.   The US is after all, a country of immigrants.     I saw a similar poll done by Gallup recently.      Never in my life have i seen a poll about views toward "Illegal, Uncontrolled Immigration" which is a completely different topic.   In fact, it is possible to be pro-immigration, but against illegal and uncontrolled immigration.   You would think that pollsters would look at that nuance (even though it is not terribly nuanced) and explore public sentiment a bit more.      
  12.   This investigation sought to better situate Mexico’s role in the fentanyl trade. Chinese companies produce the vast majority of fentanyl, fentanyl analogues, and fentanyl precursors, but Mexico is becoming a major transit and production point for the drug and its analogues as well, and Mexican traffickers appear to be playing a role in its distribution in the United States.    
  13.   While the majority come through legal ports, some do cross over the boarder with illegals.    There are at least two issues here:     1.   the border is not secure and drugs and drug related violence from Mexico do indeed spill into the US.   2.   the border is not secure and illegal immigration causes domestic problems for the US and ultimately creates a parallel shadow society of people who live compromised lives due to their illegal status.   Refer to the "Dreamers" or refer to people forced to work for less than minimum wage, without healthcare and retirement because they don't have papers.   Long term, they have problems and the society that needs to support them has problems.    Most Americans i met when i lived there were pro-immigration, but they wanted a controlled process.    This position has been contorted to such an extent that it seems extreme when it really isn't.       
  14.   I am skeptical of anyone who comes out of the woodwork 20 years after the alleged assault.      If you watch the video, Anderson Cooper can't cut to a break fast enough.   Carroll is a bit off.    
  15.   Mexico is also a major supplier of Fentanyl.