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  1. Last night I visited a Kebap Doner shop (guess managed and ruuned by some immigrants). I ordered a yufka kebab as takeaway. When I opened the food I was shocked by its quality. I cant say it as a food. Such a catastrophic.   Also had very similar experience in another Kebap shop long back.   Why doesn't Germany has control on food safety in these kind of road side outlets.?   I really felt cheated with my money. !     
  2. Food outlet - catastrophe

    For this topic : It was a spoiled food at 17 euros @2 piece and a month before I lost another 23 Euros in same sort of disappointment in another outlet eateries shop. I don't think this is cheap price.   I am just expressing my disappointment and I don't think 40 Euro in eatery related matter is cheap.