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  1. My ICE train Karlsruhe to Frankfurt airport Via mannheim is late by 2 hours. Instead of 15.00 departure the current departure at 17.00 hr.


    Around 16.00 hr I have taken a RE train to mannheim with my 9 EURO pass.  it Will reach there around 16.55 hr.


    From mannhiem i am seeing another ICE trains towards FRA airport around 17.15 hr In this case will my Karlsruhe to Frankfurt airport ticket would be valid from Mannheim to Frnkfurt airport in another.ICE train or should I purchase a new one.?


  2. I been employed as a work student and assigned as werkstudent personengruppe 106 Could someone shed some light in this type of salary category as a Work student at 20 hr per week.


    Am I exempted from social contribution except Pension insurance or Not.?


  3. For this topic : It was a spoiled food at 17 euros @2 piece and a month before I lost another 23 Euros in same sort of disappointment in another outlet eateries shop. I don't think this is cheap price.


    I am just expressing my disappointment and I don't think 40 Euro in eatery related matter is cheap.



  4. Last night I visited a Kebap Doner shop (guess managed and ruuned by some immigrants). I ordered a yufka kebab as takeaway. When I opened the food I was shocked by its quality. I cant say it as a food. Such a catastrophic.


    Also had very similar experience in another Kebap shop long back.


    Why doesn't Germany has control on food safety in these kind of road side outlets.?


    I really felt cheated with my money. !  :(




  5. If someone knows your name and IBAN Can you be scammed or cheated in Germany.?


    What all are the chances of misuse and getting cheated in Germany.?


    For example I see in the for the purchase through direct debit just entering an IBAN seems sufficient.!! without any signatory consents of the owner of the bank account!. Isn't this a big loop hole.


    Likewise can you list what all are the other risk associated with IBAN and how can I protect myself.


  6. Members,


    In the mediamarkt listing I see one of my old favourite mobile phone under the Tag B-ware.


    Is it a refurbished device or a mild defective unit or Live display units in the shops?

    Under which category exactly it would be from Mediamarkt/saturn.?


    After see the product listing I was bit tempted also feeling nostalgic.


    Any experience.


  7. Hi guys, Recently While walking fast in the tight area I hit my knees with the corner of the steel shelves rack. After that moment I am in pain when giving stress and walking .


    My question is I am planning to make  a visit to the hospital.


    I am with Public health insurance. With my health insurance valid for my  visit here   Since its mentioned GMBH I have a doubt.


    or Vincentius krankenhaus


  8. In the DB booking engine. When I select Frankfurt to Hamburg, I see a selection called sparpreis and super sparpreis similar to economy class in flights.Under sparpreis the ticket seems to be refundable and also includes "City Tickets"


    Can I know what does the city tickets means.


    Is the city tickets similar to "Tages Karte" of the city of origin and destination or different one.?




  9. 19 minutes ago, lunaCH said:

    The only reason I can think of that it will be delivered to the old address is if your name is on a mailbox there - unlikely though, right? Otherwise it surely must be returned to the sender. Of course mistakes do happen, but unlikely that all of the mail that has been sent there since is just sitting there waiting for someone to get their hands on it. 


    An exception to names on mailboxes maybe in the case of private houses, i.e. a one-family building. There, all of the mail for that house number can be stuffed into one mailbox regardless of the names on the envelopes.

    Yes bro Thats my case. Its a WG ! Landlord in the ground floor and wicked people in the top floor. -_-


  10. 13 minutes ago, lunaCH said:

    And you still haven't updated your address with your contacts?! You sound like the previous owner of our flat. He hasn't done this either and he hasn't lived here for 3 years. The difference is though his mail goes to a post office box, so he can get away with not updating the home address at all. 


    Why do you suddenly need this service 6 months after having moved? Just give out your current address. Or is that what you are trying to avoid?


    Did you receive any mail at all in the last 6 months?! :wacko:

    I used to work with a employer for a part time job seasonally and recently I worked for him and noticed in the payslip he has given my old address from last year paper work where I am no longer living and observed all the communication regarding the pay slip will be communicated to the old address including HEALTH INSURANCE So I thought of subscribing nachsendenserice and put my queries here.


    Since all those people living at my old place are not so friendly and neutral. Hope you will understand. I dont want them to check out my paper work and documents incase if it delivers there wrongly.



  11.  So are you sure that nachsendenservice also works for the person who lived in the old address before but not anymore. I read somewhere after subscribing for mail forwarding service the postal department verify the the person regarding If he/she really moving . Clearly showing that this service is for the person who is going to move to a  new address in future.


    I am bit confused.


    Whats the case with the deutschepost nachsendenservice?


  12. On 9/4/2020, 8:19:44, warsteiner77 said:

    You don't need to reply to the letter. It mentions the job will no longer exist from the 15th Sep so normally you would be expected to work until that date unless you have holiday time or the employer agrees that you don't need to turn up for the remaining work days.

    Thanks for your response.