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  1. My ICE train Karlsruhe to Frankfurt airport Via mannheim is late by 2 hours. Instead of 15.00 departure the current departure at 17.00 hr.   Around 16.00 hr I have taken a RE train to mannheim with my 9 EURO pass.  it Will reach there around 16.55 hr.   From mannhiem i am seeing another ICE trains towards FRA airport around 17.15 hr In this case will my Karlsruhe to Frankfurt airport ticket would be valid from Mannheim to Frnkfurt airport in another.ICE train or should I purchase a new one.?
  2. Last night I visited a Kebap Doner shop (guess managed and ruuned by some immigrants). I ordered a yufka kebab as takeaway. When I opened the food I was shocked by its quality. I cant say it as a food. Such a catastrophic.   Also had very similar experience in another Kebap shop long back.   Why doesn't Germany has control on food safety in these kind of road side outlets.?   I really felt cheated with my money. !     
  3. Food outlet - catastrophe

    For this topic : It was a spoiled food at 17 euros @2 piece and a month before I lost another 23 Euros in same sort of disappointment in another outlet eateries shop. I don't think this is cheap price.   I am just expressing my disappointment and I don't think 40 Euro in eatery related matter is cheap.