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  1. Dear Leute !   I have changed the address of my residence from RLP to BW.   My uni is located at border between RLP and BW..   What all are the some mandatory task should  accompolish.   I did my registration at city rathaus and they updated the address in the their system and paste a sticker of new address over my residence permit card.   I am about to update my address with my bank and insurance.   and   Should I intimate my address change to Finanzamt ? Will my Steur number remains same or varies between states.?   What all are the other thing should I perform.?   Thanks n advance.    
  2. Knots in back muscles

    Thanks for your valuable information.
  3. Traveling with VRR/NRW Semester-Ticket

    Hallo people. I have my semester ticket from KVV.   With that ticket can I travel in IRE trains.?
  4. Knots in back muscles

    Dear Peeps,   Since last 3 days I am suffering from back pain - muscle sprain.   Which specialist i can visit now. FYI I am living at Karlsruhe now ? Before two days I visited GP he given me ibuprufen but its not working.?   Any suggestions?
  5. O2 new prepaid sim card

    Thanks for your response mates.   It was a O2 branded showroom.   Now I assume taking photo of documents is not a procedure as per the norms. That too with his/her personal handheld devices. Here there is the possibility of my document data may be misused.   Further I will contact O2 about the the protocol the prepaid sim karte seller need to follow up. To check the inclusion of photo-snap in their procedure.   At this stage what can I do.   Shall I need to give a written complaint to the authority or police, regarding my situation.?   or   Any other insights are welcome.      
  6. O2 new prepaid sim card

    Hello people,   Today I went to a O2 showroom to buy a O2 simcard.   There the sales person filled-in all the details in the computer from my resident permit and finally he took the photo of my resident card with his mobile phone.   When I ask about it he said he need it as a proof to show it to O2 if required.   Does it happens normal or did he taken the photo of resident card for possible misuse?  
  7. Mini job vs Part time job

    Dear members,   After the recovery from my accident I decided to work for my expenses. I am international student now I have given job at two places one at the restaurant as studenten aushilfe and another job at an firm through an agent   What category does the restuarant job comes under 450Euro basis? apart from this I also started work for a firm, agent given me an option of Minijob or teilzeit job ? Which one should I go for.?   Can I work at two mini job or one mini and one part time job ?   Ah !! Really confused.  
  8. Unfallkasse

    Yes through my uni. I got the above question quotes when I received more questionnaire through post I received today !
  9. Unfallkasse

    Dear People,   Its almost 7 months still unfallkasse dropping me questionnaire ! (Like exactly where it happends, when it happends, etc etc.) I have lost hope with them, incase if they refuse to pay the bill of my dental work caused due to an accident shall I be able to take it to my regular insurance provider BARMER. Since I under government public health insurance. and I am 28 years of age. Will that works.?   Regards Bloom.
  10. Unfallkasse

    Unfallkasse   Who are they ! Whats their purpose   Lastly I met with an accident.   Now I got a letter from them enquiring about the name and address of the dental clinic where I taken treatment.   Though I have been under BARMER public health insurance.   Can I know what their role ?