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  1. Why are you unhappy today?

      No. A termination of announcements here wasn't - well - announced. How are new members (as if) or visitors from abroad supposed to know that? A change of the "Munich Curry Night" site would be nice.
  2. Why are you unhappy today?

    No more Munich Curry Night announcements.
  3. Things to ponder

  4. What made you laugh today?

    Someones answer to the question "Do you sing?" " "Quite well, actually. It might be what I’m best known for, especially at church. But as a guest on “A Prairie Home Companion” put it, “Everyone should sing. Because if the Good Lord saw fit to give you a beautiful voice, it’s a nice way to say ‘Thank you.’ And if the Good Lord didn’t see fit to give you a beautiful voice, it’s a nice way to get even.” "
  5. Why are you unhappy today?

      Pick it up, enter the building (just ring any doorbell - or several) and shout "Hey, lady! You've lost something! I'll leave it at the mailboxes!"  
  6. Why are you unhappy today?

      Hopefully for a long time - They've got children who still need and love him! Think before you post.
  7. Why are you unhappy today?

      Inconsolable. Anniversaries of my parents' demises' just coming up. I often dream of them and my late siblings. Vivid dreams, not often easy - but I'm always happy to see them again. Yes: I always do realize that they are gone. Embrace those dreams. She'll always be there with you. And your children.