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  1. What's got you flummoxed today?

      Are you 100% sure that action and note are from your MIL - and not your FIL?   Given her actions (refusing to see the doctor, not leaving the house!!!), I'd interfere - domestic violence (either way) is not out of the question.   And a "simple" depression due to high age isn't harmless, too - sudden suicidal tendencies are common. Dehydration may be a "harmless" reason here.   I know, it's a lot - been there. Others here currently are.   Your MIL may not notice it, but she needs some time off - even small things like taking her to a cafe might help.    
  2. What made you smile today?

      One of my cousins lives in Ecuador...
  3. What made you smile today?

      At least the chances of oncoming traffic are pretty low.
  4. What made you laugh today?

      I'm German (worse yet - Bavarian), but - neither nor.   Oh - and I don't like prejudices either.
  5. What's got you flummoxed today?

      "Keep the dough, Bitch - but don't expect to hear from me ever again."   Seriously - Reimbursement should have been the least according to what their friends and family were going through to make time and book flights etc. for the occasion!
  6. What made you laugh today?

      I know that vintage joke with the punch line: "Heil Hitler! - Is the war over yet?"
  7. What made you laugh today?

      Since that's not Nirvana, we'll still be stuck with him.   But even the most viral infection is a superior life-form compared - so what will he be?!?
  8. What made you laugh today?

      Isn't it kind of indiscreet to ask your doctors their date of birth?
  9. What are you cooking today?

      Don't worry - I always tell what I serve. Without using euphemisms. I have to admit, I was a little skeptic, too - but the smell while it was baking was mouth-watering.   Before BSE, Gelbwurst contained brain.   The euphemism "sweetbread" for the thymus gland which is a sought after, rare delicacy may also refer to testicles or other glands.   And since testicles are allowed for human consumption, don't you dare eating sausages or similar products...
  10. What are you cooking today?

  11. What are you cooking today?

    Well - how shall I put it.   I had a ball. The Turkish supermarket around the corner sells them as "Lammeier". I always wanted to try them, so I bought one yesterday. Removed the lose outer layer and some other stuff, salted and peppered the "egg" and put it in a preheated oven-proof dish into my mini-oven. Highest heat possible for about 15 minutes, turned the oven off and waited another 20 minutes. The testicle cracked then and lost some liquid, but was still juicy and easy to peel. I like the taste and texture.
  12. Why are you happy today?

    At Jakobidult, we have bought some delicious candied ginger from "Nudelnesterl" -   Sunday, I've ordered a lot (50 Euro worth to get free shipping), it arrived about half an hour ago via UPS - and is even more delicious...   I called them and told them so. The lady I talked to sounds like my favourite cousin, happy laughter included.   Sadly, that Auer Dult was the only one for them in the foreseeable future...  
  13. What are you cooking today?

      That's most probably the store that used to be at Bayerstr. 27 (Xin Xin). Finally! We missed them.
  14. What made you smile today?

      No, they probably weren't - look up "Fokker"...  
  15. What made you laugh today?

      Read this before you close the door behind you on your way out.