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  1. I explain in details or at least I try I have my ordinary self employed job here in Berlin (although only for another week, then I'm off), but from May this year I have had this extra job which consist of translating financial stuff for a french guy who is in France (hence abroad) but this job has nothng to do with my day to day work, i do it because I am able to do it and because is extra cash but I need to declare this income because I am here in Berlin and have used my usual tax number. If possible I would like to separate the two jobs mainly because I have already filled my steuererklärung, gewerbesteuererklärung, umsatz and anlage EUR and I am really not bodered to go through the "formulare" again, moreover they are completed and also because i have no time, i am leaving the country in 2 weeks. I have the time against considering that the finanzamt might not have the maths done before I leave but this is another issue. I cannot amend the formulare otherwise would it be a mess, so I thought to add this extra income separately (not so sure I have thought rightly) I know but maybe i am wrong that i can declare income coming from abroad in one of these two "formulare" Anlage S o Anlage AUS, is it right? and if so, how can I do it? I am just asking because i have never done it before. Hope I have made it clear Every help is super appreciated Cheers
  2. Hi ya! I just need to ask a question. I am filling my tax return for this year and I stumbled against a problem. I am a self emoyed here in Germany but this year I also did some transation work for a french person in France, this has nothing to do with my ordinary job, it was just ax extra income. My question would be: Where must I declare this income from abroad? in the Anlage S or anlage AUS and if so, how specifically? Thanks a lot. Hope PandaMunich will come to save my bacon once again!
  3. Application forms for tax declaration 2018

      I love you!  It's not only the taxation system, it is the entire system but I guess that happens when rationalism takes over logic. Sometimes I feel scared...  
  4. Application forms for tax declaration 2018

    Loooool PandaMunich, would you forgive me?  
  5. Application forms for tax declaration 2018

    Okay, it makes sense Cheers
  6. Application forms for tax declaration 2018

    Thanks guys to Someonedaughter, well I know the 2018 is not over yet but I might ask a stupid question here but why not pulling out the application earlier? it's just a question, I do not dare to argue about. It is just logic  to Lukeskywalker, yes brother you hit the nail, that's why I am stressed about filling the tax declaration as soon as possible because over there is 99.9% impossible (thanks for your super clever observation)   to swimmer, that's also clever, but once again I am moving in the jungle and I will not have easy access to internet, I know May 2019 is the deadline and I can have stuff prepard now but now is the time for me to do it.    to PandaMunich, well man, I have to be honest with you, and finally I have the chance to tell you. I admire you to the max, thanks to your "Elster" topic, I could go through my past tax declarations with so much easiness. Thanks for existing. Back to the topic, I actually thought to do that, meaning to cross out the 2017 and overwrite 2018, I was worried about the finanzamt but now that you just wrote it, that's what I am going to do. Thanks a lot guy, very helpful!   
  7. Hi folks. I'm just going to explain briefly my situation. I will be leaving the country on the 21st of December on a definitive basis and I terminated my freelancing job on the 30th of November. Now before to go, I would like to do my tax declaration as I have been doing it since 2015 but surprise surprise!! there aren't application forms (various anlagen)for this year 2018 neither at finanzamts nor through elesterformulare. On it, it says (Keines der zu installierenden Steuererklärungsmodule wurde auf dem Server gefunden / None of the tax declaration modules to be installed was found on the server.) I asked to a clerk at the finanzamt but she was not speaking english and of course couldn't help (none of them here in Berlin really does it). Now, considering that I am moving very far away (jungle in South America) it is obvious that once there I cannot and will not care about all of this. So what am I asking is: Does anyone know why eveything must to be so bloody complicated? Is there anyone who does know how to solve this issue as soon as possible please? (only have 2 weeks to go but I wanna do it asap)    Does the finanzamt expect me to do this from abroad? really? Thanks sooooooo much for your replies. Cheers!