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  1. Brexit, New residence permits

    So for all those that have been asked to fill out the generic residency forms, has anyone been successful when pushing back and reminding them of the legal basis of our special residency titles?   british in Germany made a tweet about this here
  2. Brexit, New residence permits

    Still waiting for my local Landkreis to update their procedures for British nationals. Not many around this way so it could take a while !   I also have the option to claim residence as the spouse of an EU citizen (non German). Until now, they wouldn’t let me do this here because I was still technically an EU citizen myself. Obviously that changes on 1st Jan! The question is, which option is easier ? The EU spouse Visa or the GB Visa (here before 31st dec)?   And which ones gives more rights?      
  3. Surely the obvious question here is: what language does the job require ? If the answer is German, then I highly doubt they will hire you if you can’t conduct an interview in German.   Give it a go, you never know. Good luck either way
  4. certificate of residence not Residence permit card

    Why don’t you just reply to the email and ask them? Instead you’re on here giving short answers to people trying to help you. If you were more polite in your responses you would probably have your answer by now. good luck
  5. Register birth of British child at the consulate

    Hi All,    Does anyone know if anything has changed with the pros and cons of registering a birth at the British consulate?   From what I can see it seems like a waste of £200 that doesn't provide any benefit, since you can still apply for a British passport with a German birth certificate.   Cheers.