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  1. I need to get a dress altered for my fiancee and am trying to find an English speaking tailor or seamstress. I have called around to Altex and a bunch of the smaller shops and haven't had any luck so far and all the threads I can find are so old they don't have useful info anymore. Does anybody know of one? Thanks!
  2. How does one go about finding an orthopedic doctor in Munich? Specifically not a surgeon - I'm just having foot pain due to arch issues and I want to talk to someone about options/potentially get some imaging. I have attempted to contact a few random doctors I found through Google and all of them told me they did surgery only. The same thing happened when I contacted Klinikum Rechts der Isar about an orthopedic consultation. They told me I had to get a referral from an orthopedic doctor but also that they could not recommend a doctor to me.    I just want someone to take a look at my foot and discuss treatment options. What is this type of doctor called in Germany and how do I find one that speaks English?