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  1. I am looking for English-speaking vet for a rabbit in area of Stuttgart. Exactly I live in Grosserlach (postcode 71577) so best in area of 50km. It could be also Polish/Slovak/Czech speaking vet.  Thank You  
  2. New TAE socket

    Yeah, I know they should do everything but they also charge for everything And I don´t mind doing it, so why not.  But anyways thanks for info guys.
  3. New TAE socket

    Thank you very much for answer, I ordered TAE socket and I m going to prep it for the technician. I also ordered CAT7 cable, because there are more cables running down to cellar where APL is. 
  4. New TAE socket

    Hi guys. First of all, I studied IT so I have SOME knowladge in this area. I recently ordered DSL internet from 1&1 but I don´t have TAE socket. So, I need help with wiring new TAE socket, because I don´t have one in my flat. I don´t have problem with TAE socket (As far as I know, I need to connect two wires to pins 1 and 2) but the problem is, how to then connect this cable to APL. Or should I just leave it for technician from 1&1 ? Also I ordered the TAE socket and the cable, but I m not quite sure which cable is the best. I ordered normal ethernet cable with 8 wires. This is the APL and it´s quite messy https://imgur.com/a/bcY8TvV   Thank You for your help.