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  1. Help understanding text written on a visa

    Hello!   Thank you very much for your reply and for actually engaging in the tedious process of extricating vital info from this newbie I am a Colombian Psychologist and Magister in Psychology. I will be taking a gainful employment as a research assistance in a German University (located in Magdeburg) from January 2019. The German Embassy granted me a visa Type D and the remarks state as follows: Wissenschaftl. Mitarbeiter § 34 NR. 2 Aufenthv.   Thank you very much for your attention.   Best regards,   Jeimmy 
  2. Help understanding text written on a visa

    Hello! I know it's been a long time since you published this, but I'm going through this exact situation at the moment and I was wondering how did everything go with your visa when you arrived to Germany and if everything went well with the contract process or if you encountered any time of difficulty associated with this type of visa. Thank you very much in advance. It would be very helpful to receive a reply from you!