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  1. umsatzsteuerklarung help - foreign income, 0% mwst

    anyone??? the form is this
  2. umsatzsteuerklarung help - foreign income, 0% mwst

    Someone who knows about the numbered forms please help, @PandaMunich et al. Thanks!
  3. Hi I'm a freelancer here in Germany.   All my income has been from another EU country, thus subject to 0% mwst. However I don't know how to complete the 'umsatzsteuerklarung' to declare that the income has been foreign and I don't have to pay any VAT. It should be simple: in the monthly statement, just writing the full income and a zero somewhere determining that I have to pay zero mwst. Possibly some checkbox that indicates it is foreign income as well. Last question - do I have to submit both monthly and yearly umsatzsteuerklarung, or simply the yearly one? For 2018.