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  1. Hi nwogeorge   My field is medical engineering and I've got 4 year's of studying and 5 years in the industry.     There will be around 15/20% travel around Europe however they added the car despite it's terms to improve the package they could offer.   I'm still not sure how to see this salary as the take home after tax is not as much as I had imagined however they are adament it is an exceptional offer and that it something they have asked to ensure they get me to join.   Maybe I'm being too demanding but I'm still not convinced it is a) enough to live comfortably an acceptable rate for a senior management role within the company.   Any ideas, I like the company and I like the sound of the role. I would like to see what others thoughts are... 
  2. Hi all,   newly registered to the forum and looking for some advise on a few things as i have been offered a job in the area (my background - Masters in Engineering, 4 years+ experience, 26 years old, single).   Has anyone got any resources on how to determine if the offer that i have been given (not final) is competitive. The offer is circa 68k euro, 12k bonus, company car or allowance, furnished flat (6 months), German lessons and relocation package.   Are there any loopholes or dangers that i need to be aware of? any suggestions on negotiating if this is a low offer (glassdoor indicates that it is slightly lower than the average for the job title in germany) however i think the job title has been changed to allow me access to the car as an added benefit instead of a pay increase...Is there anything i should be aware of or ask for in relation to this benefit?   How easy is it find a furnished flat in Ulm or the surrounding area and what should i expect to pay? I dont think i will be living pay check to pay check but i would like to save and enjoy a few holidays or return home occasionally - is this enough? I currently live in a 2 bed furnished flat that is on the better side of average i would say so would be looking for something comparable...   Sorry if this is long winded but im hoping to get some help!