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  1. TV/Radio licence is mandatory right?

      Thank you :-) I'll sort out the payment.
  2. I read a few old posts, but each is a bit contradictory and not clear. And often descends into a debate... I appreciate that some people choose not to pay something even if it is mandatory.   In the UK, I've never had a TV and I never paid the fee because it wasn't mandatory but conditional on you using the services.   But just I just want to confirm that the fee is mandatory in Germany right?    
  3. Tips on buying a washing machine?

    Thanks everyone for the tips and advice.   Especially @Anna66 with the link  I also found   I'll talk it over with the boss (aka the mrs)
  4. Tips on buying a washing machine?

    Being a good new member to the forums, I did try a search :) The posts seemed to be 5 to 10 years old though   I'll keep looking. Thanks.
  5. Hi everyone.   The apartment we will be moving into has all the outlets for a clothes washing machine, but we need to buy the machine ourselves.   I've never had to buy one before. Living in London, all of the places I lived in came with everything including furniture.   - Is there a place I can reliably order a washing machine and have it fitted? - What should I look for in a model? Other than not the cheapest/basic and within my budget.   Thanks
  6. Cell Phone/Smart Phone recommendations

    Being a bit of a tech nerd... I can say that the Moto g6 or g6 plus is a good bet in terms of price/performance. But avoid the 'g6 Play' it has a much slower processor   @Krieg has good advice about models and getting a protective case. I would personally side with the G6. It is fairly new. The new Nokia phones have mixed reviews on Amazon.   Also, the 'Motorola One' is getting good reviews and is in the 200ish euro price point:   If you do buy it from Amazon, do make sure you get it 'sold by amazon'.
  7. Thanks everyone for all the tips
  8. Hi there,   We've been quoted €2,000 for moving one large van of boxes from London to Freiburg. Anyone know if this is the going rate?   We estimate it costing us about €1300 if we did the move ourselves in two trips in a smaller self rented van.   Cheers
  9. Any freelancers here?

    Thanks for replying @swimmer. I'll read up on this more.
  10. Any freelancers here?

    Hi there,   My wife is working for a UK company and we are in the middle of setting up for paying taxes in Germany as a  Freiberuflich (freelancer).   After lots of reading, this is what I think I understand. If someone who has been through this could just give an idea if we're on the right page that would help a lot   1. She needs to pay Einkommensteuer (Income tax, makes sense) 2. She needs to pay Solidaritätszuschlag (Solidarity tax, I understand the reason) 3. No need to pay VAT (because her client is outside of Germany) 4. Scheinselbständig (freelancer in name only) is something I'm not sure about. She only works for one company. They offer her projects that she accepts or declines based on the pay or if she has the spare capacity to do it. 5. Anything else related to employment or taxes I've missed?