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  1. I've been in germany for 6 months now. I am British and have registered at the local town hall where they took copies of my passport. I then received my personal identification number in the mail.   My question is, is there any sort of additional residence permit that I need?   I'm starting to see Brexit related news articles that mention a residence permit, but the local town hall said there is nothing more I need to do to stay.
  2. TV/Radio licence is mandatory right?

      Thank you :-) I'll sort out the payment.
  3. I read a few old posts, but each is a bit contradictory and not clear. And often descends into a debate... I appreciate that some people choose not to pay something even if it is mandatory.   In the UK, I've never had a TV and I never paid the fee because it wasn't mandatory but conditional on you using the services.   But just I just want to confirm that the fee is mandatory in Germany right?    
  4. Hi everyone.   The apartment we will be moving into has all the outlets for a clothes washing machine, but we need to buy the machine ourselves.   I've never had to buy one before. Living in London, all of the places I lived in came with everything including furniture.   - Is there a place I can reliably order a washing machine and have it fitted? - What should I look for in a model? Other than not the cheapest/basic and within my budget.   Thanks