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  1. Accused of torrenting copyrighted material

      My advice is the same:   (A) contact FLAT RATE a lawyer (150 EUROS!) to do 2 specific things: (B) ask to make a new cease-and-desist letter (C) ask for a settlement 50% off and close the case   (My family made a big mistake not hiring a FLAT RATE lawyer, and the expenses went up to 500 EUROS, just for the lawyer... We live, we learn...)   And don't forget: - NEVER GIVE THE WIRELESS password to ANYONE (even family!!!) - BLOCK all known sites that are a OPEN INVITATION to unwilling torrent (like - LIVE IN FEAR for the rest of your lives, because someone, at some point, will make a mistake eventually... and there are NO WARNINGS! "They" go in for the KILL... (Amazing Germany!...)