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  1. Hi please let me know what are the documents you provided for converting ICT visa to blue card and kindly provide more information please 

  2. Just to let everyone know as there are too many views already on this post. Yes it is possible to initiate processing for Blue card for your new employer if you are on ICT. Just submit each and every document the alien's office asks you to. It takes around 3-6 weeks for the whole process after you submit your documents. All the best!
  3. I am a citizen of India and currently in Germany on ICT type of residence permit and it is valid till 2021 also tied with my present employer. However I have got a new job offer and I want to apply for an EU blue card.   1. Do I need to go back to India and start afresh? or can I start the process here? 2. Do I need to cancel my ICT first? 3. Is it even possible to convert ICT to Blue card? (Not converting, what I mean is start a blue card with a new employer and end ICT with my present employer).