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  1. If @Starshollow thinks we can definitely secure a financing option despite my situation, we will be happy to use his assistance.   Otherwise if anyone else knows anything, we keep every option open.
  2. We are also waiting for feedback from the mortgage broker of the real-estate company, who probably has a personal interest in helping us with finding financing, regardless with which bank. Our first feedback, though, was from the broker associated with Allianz, who said that no one wanted to sponsor us following his enquiry because of my <3yr freelancing. So naturally we're stressing that it means only bad news for us. That negative first feedback put us at a great deal of stress over the whole topic.   I can only see CR&Cie listed in the directory.
  3. We will look into it as a last resort, thanks @jeba Ideally sorting it out locally without involving a bank from my home country would be preferable.
  4. Thanks for the response. Unfortunately the property we want to buy will not sit around and wait for me to gain another year of freelancing, so waiting is not an option for us :(
  5. Hi Together, Both me and my partner are EU members, she is actually German. She works as a permanent with a yearly compensation of +35k brutto, and I have been freelancing for 2 years in IT on some extremely rewarding projects.   We applied for a 300k mortgage with 90k capital, and I was told by a broker that is tied to Allianz but said he checked with hundreds of banks, that I have no choice but to wait at least another year before I could possibly get a mortgage. Problem is that the property we are keen on buying (for our own use, in Hamburg) will not wait a whole year for us.   Is there really no hope for freelancers who didn't pass the 3yr criteria, no matter what?   Any advice on capable brokers who could guarantee getting a mortgage offer for us would be much appreciated