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  1. Anmeldung at friend's (owner) place - is it legal?

    That was my understanding as well based on the common sense. However, I was afraid that being registered at a friend's place and then leaving for 3-4 months might be interpreted as not actually living there - even through I plan to come back and actually live there after my trip abroad. Thank you very much for your answer! 
  2. Anmeldung at friend's (owner) place - is it legal?

    I apologize for my ignorance, but I'm not sure if I'm following. Do you mean: if I'm living and have Anmeldung at my friend's place (without contract), and I leave Germany for 4 months, and then come back and continue living at my friend's place, I'm not breaking any law? 
  3. Anmeldung at friend's (owner) place - is it legal?

    I totally get what you mean. But if remain registered at my friend's place while I'm out of the country, that's also not very legal, since I won't be physically living there during my 4 months absence. Maybe I should go to Bürgeramt, and check if that really breaks the rules. 
  4. Anmeldung at friend's (owner) place - is it legal?

    UPDATE on my situation: I asked two different officials from Auslaenderamt if my permit will expire if I am out of the country for 4 months and do Abmeldung.  One official said: "You can absolutely do this. Just be sure to return to Germany within six-month period. It's okay to deregister, it won't influence the validity of the permit as long as you're back within 6 months."  Other official said: "This is a problem, your permit might become void as deregistration may be interpreted as permanently leaving Germany, since Abmeldung certificate will state that you're moving abroad." They said it's an uncertain situation. It may happen, or it may not.   In the end, I was told to come back to Auslaenderamt after I deregister from the city, bring Abmeldung certificate and write a letter giving reasons why I need to be out of Germany and stating that my absence is only temporary, specifying when exactly I'll be back to Germany.  I hope this can prevent my permit from getting void... I'm literally losing my mind from all this. The conclusion is, my permit type (one granted after studies for purpose of job seeking) allows being out of the country for 6 months. Since I'm not physically living in Germany for that period, I'm expected to deregister. But if I deregister, I might lose the permit. Ha. 
  5. If I cancel anmeldung, do I lose my visa?

    Umm, have I accidentally done something bad to you to deserve these random acts of kindness from you? In some past life, maybe?   
  6. If I cancel anmeldung, do I lose my visa?

    I don't know what that would be...? What I have is an 18-month permit that allows graduate students to look for jobs. 
  7. Diesel Euro 4 across German cities?

    Thanks a lot for the answers guys. 
  8. If I cancel anmeldung, do I lose my visa?

    Because I keep getting conflicting information from the official organs and I'm going outright nuts because of it. I just want to make sure I do the right thing, but it's so bloody hard getting accurate information in Germany. I asked one official from Aliens office if I can deregister from the city, and he says, yes, of course I can - it won't influence my visa if I'm out of the country for less than 6 months. Two days after, I ask another official, just to be sure, and guess what - he says, if you deregister you might lose visa after all. This happens all the time in Germany, regardless of the institution. I already lost huge amounts of money because I made plans based on the wrong information I got from aliens office, university and insurance officials, and I'm not going to risk losing my visa as well. I lost bloody 3000 euros because my insurance gave me the wrong information about my rights, so I second-check everything because I had so many terrible experiences here with getting wrong information from officials that I have a phobia from it. 
  9. Hello folks! I was asked by my father who lives abroad but often travels across Europe by car to explain if you can drive Diesel Euro 4 in German cities. Since I'm a total noob when it comes to cars and don't drive myself, I would like to ask you for the latest information.  Is Diesel Euro 4 banned in entire cities, or is it only particular zones/streets? Does it apply to most major cities in Germany? Are there fines if you drive it? My father is thinking of selling his car because he thinks it'll be really problematic to use it in many European cities in the near future. Any opinions? Thanks!  
  10. Anmeldung at friend's (owner) place - is it legal?

    Thank you! :) 
  11. Health insurance for unemployed/returnees

    Hello everyone! Could someone experienced please help me understand the following situation regarding my health insurance?  I'm a non-EU citizen currently living in Germany and I have an 18-month residence permit that allows me to look for jobs (obtained after studying in Germany). I'm planning to leave Germany for 4-5 months and then come back (I am allowed to leave Germany for a period of max 6 months without losing my permit). Before leaving Germany, I will do Abmeldung, and I would like to cancel my public health insurance since I won't be in Germany for several months. Once I re-enter Germany I will do Anmeldung again and start my public health insurance again.    Now my question is: if, for example, I get a job offer while I am out of Germany and I have to come to Germany for an interview for 2-3 days, how should I be insured? I am wondering if border police could create a problem for me since I'll have a permit, but no more German health insurance. Is it a problem to enter the country with normal travel insurance? I'm assuming it wouldn't be a problem since I don't even have a right to public health insurance if I have no Anmeldung, right? According to the lady from Ausländerbehörde, I am absolutely allowed to do Abmeldung if I am out of the country, but when it comes to my health insurance questions, she said "yeah, you should be able to cancel your insurance too but better check with them all the conditions."  Any advice is welcome! Naturally, I'll contact my insurance, but I'd love to hear your answers before that! Thank you!  
  12. Anmeldung at friend's (owner) place - is it legal?

    I just wanted to give a little update regarding the possibility to leave the country for several months and deregister address when out of the country, while retaining the validity of your residence permit. (In my case, my permit is the one that allows graduates to search for a job after successfully completing studies in Germany.)  After a trip to Ausländerbehörde and talking to them personally, these are the answers I have received from an official who issued my visa: 1. My residence permit will remain valid even if I deregister and go home for several months. I'm allowed to leave the country for maximum of six months. I'm allowed to deregister before I leave. The moment I come back to Germany, I must register again.  2. Regarding the health insurance, the official explained that I don't need German health insurance while out of the country, but she told me to check with health insurance, i.e. what are their conditions for letting me take it up again once I reenter Germany and e.g. start working.  It's really good hearing from an official (and actually makes sense) that I don't need to remain registered while out of the country in order to retain my residence permit. There's a lot of information on the internet stating otherwise.  
  13. Hello guys, I have a jobseeker visa. My flat rental contract expires in June, and I want to go home from June until August, and in August when I come back, I'll find a new flat. This means I wouldn't be registered (anmeldung) from June till August while I am out of the country.  Do I lose my visa, if I remain deregistered while I am out of Germany? Of course, as soon as I enter Germany in August, I'll register again. 
  14. Anmeldung at friend's (owner) place - is it legal?

    If you get a job from abroad without a visa, and then you apply for visa via embassy, in practice it can take one year to get that visa in my country. Took 18 months for a friend. So yeah, for practical reasons, job seeker visa removes this problem.
  15. Anmeldung at friend's (owner) place - is it legal?

      True. Having a job seeker visa basically forces you to live in Germany because you have to be registered, and this means actually living there. But what if someone wants to keep sending job applications from home? It can take months to find a job in relevant field in Germany. And jobseeker visa conditions (specifically, anmeldung) force you to live in Germany (or pay a rent just to have anmeldung)... when you could be sending job applications from home country and save a lot of money.