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  1. Help!    I was a student in Germany with a blocked account, and I closed out my Sparkasse blocked account on 27 February 2019.  I gave the Sparkasse Ost (Muenster) bank all my wiring information back to the USA.  This is over 7000 Euros due to me!   It is 14 May and I still have not received my money from Sparkasse.  I am told they are trying to send the money using a SEPA form, which is the wrong form; the SEPA form is for domestic wire transfers.  I have informed the representatives at Sparkasse of this, that my funds must be sent as an international wire transfer.     For some reason they cannot do this correctly, each time the Muenster branch tries to do this they make a mistake and the money never reaches my bank, it is returned to Muenster.   This has gone on far too long.  Is there an agency or official to whom I may refer my situation? In the US we have the Attorney General's office, the Federal Banking Commission, etc.   As an afternote, is it always this difficult doing banking in Germany?  Everything in Muenster took weeks, when it should have taken hours. I would like to return to Germany for university in Berlin, and I am hoping that things run more smoothly there.  It seems like in Muenster nobody knew how to handle a US citizen (student), they only knew how to deal with EU students.    Thank you!