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  1. English speaking employment lawyer in Hamburg

    Actually the same searhc result comes up even before you create the topic
  2. Hi all,  Could someone recommend me a English speaking employment lawyer in hamburg ? And I mean one i can use as employee as i have to press legal charges against my previous employer and I would like to consult them.    Thanks!
  3. Employer not paying tax correctly

    You are in a way very right as in how it was declared apparently. So my first one is normal second one is the same but declared on tax class 6 - however they have also declared it as freelance (which it is not as I have a contract for it ) so essentially not only they have not paid the tax6 taxes bit wanted me to pay the freelance on top (none of which is in the contract or communicated with me) 
  4. Employer not paying tax correctly

    Hi there,   I have a question regarding regulations for taxes in Germany. The story is too long to cover here but shortly it is the following for the past 3 years I have had 2 normal jobs given to me by the same employer just one was for teaching and one for research and about 7 months ago the tax people sent me an invoice that I owe taxes. Since then this happened another 4 times as apparently the tax pay period is 2 years or so I have been told. I have checked the big piece of paper given to me my the employer and it is true that one of them has all the payment, health insurance, pension etc taxes and the other one has none of them paid. The tax office said they don't care that I have always been in a normal declared job and they need the tax paid within a week so this has led to me going in to a huge dept.    Question is - how is it somehow legal for an employer to not pay any tax and declare it even so that I have to cover the payments ? I have recently been recommended to seek legal assistance and press charges against them but just wanted to check if someone has had similar experience ?    And also could someone recommend a English speaking tax lawyer in hamburg ?
  5. Hi there - quick question does anyone know which tax office should tax returns be submitted to when moving from one to another city in Germany. The returns are for the years I used to live in Nuremberg however now I`m in hamburg so the question is should i still submit the taxes to Nuremberg or to the one that is my local one at the moment ?
  6. Yeah it would appear so after doing some reading on the forum. Tho wasn't there some rule that a verbal contract is a valid contract in Germany - tricky proving it tho. I hope I`m able to cancel it but if not at least change it to like the lowest tariff they have if 5 euro or so. 
  7. Hi there,    I have a question regarding mobile phone contracts. Situation is the following I have a contract with Vodafone which had its 24 months of going and now since I have moved away from germany I would like to cancel it. My understanding due to a discussion in one of the shops they have is that i had to give them a notice within the past 3 months of the contract expiring. However I just mailed them and received a message saying they have auto extended the contract until 2020 as i had to give the notice before the 3 months period and relocation is not a reason for cancellation as i can use the services worldwide. This is true however as I`m moving to a non EU country this is unusable.    Does someone have any experience with a problem like this and is it true that i will just have to keep using the services they provide even tho the actual contract term is just about to finish at the end of January?   They say i can cancel it but ill have to pay them for the entire year if i do so