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  1. Why do you think it's impossible to switch from a private to a public kindergarten? After all, financial situation of a family can change, they might move to a different part of the city etc. No one can force me to bring my child to a kindergarten I don't like/trust. Or do you mean I'll have to drop out of the private kindergarten and then apply for a public one for them to consider my child's candidacy?  By the way, we got offers from a couple private kindergartens, but chose not to accept them for different reasons. And I had a feeling it had something to do with the age of our child. The older the child is, the more willing they are to take them despite of what they claim on their websites (e.g. "We take kids from 9 weeks old"). 
  2. Hi everyone! We are trying to find a place for our almost 1-year old son in a good Kinderkrippe, ideally a bilingual one. And I have a couple questions regarding the topic:   I've been sending applications to private KITAs, but had no replies so far. Is it even possible to get a place mid-year? Does a personal recommendation from parents who have already placed their kids in this Krippe help? How do private KITAs decide who to accept? It's definitely not first come-first served basis. We've been to one public "parent day" and there were 8 more families. They sure won't take all of these kids. I didn't even bother applying to public KITAs as I'm still looking for a job which puts me at the very end of the waiting list, as far as I understand. Is it the same with private kindergartens?  Does anyone have personal experience with Joki Johanneskirchen? This is the closest bilingual Krippe to where we live. On their website they claim parents are highly satisfied but I would still love to hear from the insiders. If your child goes to a Krippe in Bogenhausen/Englschalking or nearby districts, please share your experiences.  If I apply for a public kindergarten, is there a zone limitation? Am I allowed to apply to for a place at, say, Schwabing if I happen to study/work there?    Thank you all in advance!