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  1. Ausländer deciding on football club support

    When I first lived in Frankfurt in the 80s I went quite regularly to watch Eintracht in the Waldstadion. Even managed to see some European games including Tottenham. In those days you never had live games on TV so it was the only way to get a good dose of footie...When I came back again in the 90s started going again and eventually got offered a season ticket by some guys I got to know there. Had some rough times, getting relegated for the the first time in 1996 and the club ending up on the verge of bankruptcy. That was actually a reason I took the step of becoming a club member, to help out the local team. Haven’t looked back since. My apartment I bought in 1998 is twenty minutes walk to the Stadium. Soon going to get the silver pin for 25 years membership, have always had a season ticket (at a price that makes my friends in London drool) and a great group of friends who I would never have got to know outside of the Stadium. There is a real sense of comradeship and you always bump into the same people at away games. Everyone is proud of their local team and are real supporters (side swipe at Bayern Munich spectators) who take the ups with the downs. @Finn, I think you are doing the right thing, check out both teams and see which group of fans fits you best. Bear in mind the rivalry between the two fan groups is pretty fierce. If I had (god forbid) decided to become an Offenbach supporter I wouldn’t have any friends and probably still be single.... If I was you though I would probably pick Hertha... Whichever one you pick though drop us a line if you come to Frankfurt and we can go for a beer ? before the game. Not an offer I would make to anyone wearing a Bayern shirt! ?
  2. Brexit / Applying for German citizenship

    @dj_jay_smith I know what you mean about the German football team, crossed my mind too...