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  1. Finding a part-time job in Germany

    Hi TTers, A friend is looking for a teilzeit job only night shifts from 4 pm in the areas of data entry and the like in Frankfurt. Please, anyone with a piece of good information to let me know or share it here. Thank you.
  2. Dependent Visa Query

    Your HR is right. But also, they could give you a dependent visa until the end of your husband's card. Each unlimited card is attached to his passport and should have the same expiry date, mostly 10 years. After it expires, your husband must go and get a new permit as well, which matches with his new passport.
  3. Deutsche Bank new Financial Assistant - ROBIN

    @ GordianKnot, could you tell us more about your experience. What makes you satisfied with it? GordianKnot
  4. As far as I am aware, your spouse needs to qualify to some extent, that is, in terms of language, einbürgerungstest, etc. but the children don't need any of these things. The best bet will be to visit the ABH and make enquiries about your specific situation. At times, it might also depend on the person you meet. You might also visit here to read more about it:
  5. I am have been thinking about this elterngeldplus issue for sometime. Suppose, I am working for 30 hours in my current job after the birth of my child and mutterschutz , is there a threshold on how much elterngeld that I should receive. Paying back money, I generally want avoid after elternzeit as in the case of @ clarseach83. Currently, my partner is looking for a new offer and is taking the elterngeld but we were thinking of changing this after he finds a new job. Is there a threshold on the overall income that one should earn during the elternzeit as a family?
  6. Handling the aftermath of a car accident

    OK, thank you.