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  1. Well, Elterngeld plus so called parental leave is for both parents and the one receiving it can work but nor more than 30 hours per week, that means 30 hours max. On the other hand, if one partner works and the other is not working and both have applied for this Elterngeld plus, then you could shift it to the other person, which is not working or working lesser hours. In this case, your wife, for instance, can work normally without any restriction if you (the  man) does not work. In all cases, you have to contact the responsible office to clarify this and for further information.


  2. Your HR is right. But also, they could give you a dependent visa until the end of your husband's card. Each unlimited card is attached to his passport and should have the same expiry date, mostly 10 years. After it expires, your husband must go and get a new permit as well, which matches with his new passport.


  3. As far as I am aware, your spouse needs to qualify to some extent, that is, in terms of language, einbürgerungstest, etc. but the children don't need any of these things. The best bet will be to visit the ABH and make enquiries about your specific situation. At times, it might also depend on the person you meet. You might also visit here to read more about it:


  4. I am have been thinking about this elterngeldplus issue for sometime. Suppose, I am working for 30 hours in my current job after the birth of my child and mutterschutz , is there a threshold on how much elterngeld that I should receive. Paying back money, I generally want avoid after elternzeit as in the case of @ clarseach83. Currently, my partner is looking for a new offer and is taking the elterngeld but we were thinking of changing this after he finds a new job. Is there a threshold on the overall income that one should earn during the elternzeit as a family?


  5. The fact that she has been discharged and baby delivered does not mean that all is well immediately, okay. I can only imagine someone with experience telling us on this platform what to do. I think, in the right framework, she needed to be compensated and kept on check. That is only my thought but someone with similar experience could tell or say better.


  6. Hi, A lady friend had this experience. She was pregnant and was nearly hit by falling rail wires, which landed her in the hospital until the baby was successfully delivered. Before then, she got Arbeitsverbot. The police had been informed and they took photos of the item that finally fell at the platform of the train station. How should one approach this situation since nothing has been heard since then from the police since then. Thanks.


  7. Hi,

    A friend with a  background in Applied Maths. for MS  and a PhD in Economics with Finance. He has currently move to Frankfurt and looking for jobs in Frankfurt. 

    Thinking of the financial institutions but have no strong link/network there. Another possibility is data science and have knowledge of the following software: R, Python, and basic knowledge of SQL coupled with expertise in Data mining and ML. Any suggestions how to start the job search process? Many thanks.



  8. Hello TTers,


    How can one apply for naturalization in this situation: 

    1. family receive ALG II and a member was working till January with information from Jobcenter that no benefit from February because of a new job found in another city.

    2. Family  came off ALG II but need assistance for keeping double apartment until family reunited and hence need additional money for Rent and hence ALG II pays for this rent until March.

    3. Family gets nothing for jobcenter in April: 

    4. One family currently receives elterngeld and another works and hence no need for benefits.

    How does this affect application for naturalization?

    Now that the family is okay. Can they pay back the rent to the Jobcenter for the month of Feb. and March? If yes, what is the procedure? Thank you.


  9. Thanks @ zwiebelfisch. I have received my pensions payment documents and it is stated there that I was with the jobcenter and hence no contribution whatsover appeared there. Unlike the periods that my husband was not there, the payment was correctly recorded. Hence, my question! Here are some follow up questions: 


    1. That is, if it is just testing my husband benefit needs, why did my pension contributions did not appear on the pensions slip?


    2. Starting this year because of double apartment, my husband requested that they take care of one accommodation, but this led to a lot of frustration and regular visit but even that no all the rent was paid. My question is, can we refund what was paid to us from the beginning of this year, so that it is assumed that staying with the jobcenter ended on 31.012.2018 according to an earlier letter they sent us last year? If yes, how does one go about that? 





  10. Hi TT,


    1. I was working the whole of last year and my employer was paying my insurance, However, my partner was unemployed and so I was also included in the Jobcenter document as a part of the household. In this sense, I am also classified as receiving unemployment benefit. Is this correct? If yes, does it mean that the jobcenter pays my pension or what since my employer was already doing so?


    2. Can one pay back money received from the job center even if the job center does not request it on grounds that we got extra help from family in terms of a short-term need or?



  11. Hi there,

    I moved to Frankfurt area because of a job. Till December 2018, I pay two rent because of keeping two households with some support from from Jobcenter. My husband was receiving ALG II, however, there was no payment since Nov. 2018 to him apart from the rent subsidy. How does it work out if we want to apply for Wohngeld instead of my husband registering again as unemployed? I would be grateful for your comments. Thanks.