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  1. 3 minutes ago, swimmer said:


    Exactly.   Work a lot and save shedload of money, while learning German alongside.  Then think about self-financing study as above.


    Most migrants do not haave the luxury of a sponsor.   Background of those moving to improve prospects usually does not include such wealth.  But lots have sponsors, plural.  Groups of relatives and extended family all contributing a bit.    Someone local smoothing their path, perhaps sending money back, too.   That's how they make it possible.

    Alright, thanks so much 


  2. 3 minutes ago, someonesdaughter said:


    Work or study? To study you need a higher education entrance qualification recognised in Germany and financial means to make a living (verifiable and paid into a blocked account for the first year). And, of course, sufficient language skills for the desired course of study. You can't get a visa without all this.



    Next to impossible, non-Eu/EWR students are not allowed to work full time but only for 120 full days (or 240 half days, less than 4 hours). 



    The chances of finding a sponsor who risks tens of thousands of euros are likely to be slim. Sorry. 



    Not really, sorry.



    No, you can't, see above. In order to work in Germany (instead of studying) you would have to have a qualified profession, which is lacking here and pass the priority examination - for the job there must be neither Germans nor EU citizens available who can exercise it. 


    Thanks, I have two years left to complete the course am studying here (medical laboratory science) 

    Am currently in 400Level and it's a 5years course


  3. What is required of non EU citizen that want's to move to Berlin/germany for work and study? 

    How possible is it to get Job that can take care of my  school fees and my accommodation and feeding? 

    And most importantly, I don't have a sponsor and probably can't foot the bill and will have to enroll in a language school before schooling .

    Any hope for me or help? 

    Can take up any job(day and night perhaps