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  1. Tax class change after getting married

    Hi, I got married this year in July but my wife joined me here beginning of December. We went to change tax class last week but they said they do not have yet the data from my wife and it will take some wife so they will do it like in January first week. My question now is that can I ask for tax returns for tax class change for this year (2019) ?? As I got married this year however my tax class stayed 1 for entire 2019. 
  2. Indeed you were right, however HR said they can write and send a new one. Thank you
  3. Hi All,    I have recently got a new job offer. The employer says that the job contract is unlimited. However, when i went through the contract it does not mentions it anywhere that it is "unbefristet arbeitsvertrag". However, it also does not have any where written that it is befristet arbeitsvertrag.    Moreover, the other conditions such as probezeit notice period ( a month) and post probezeit (3 months from either side) notice period are pretty standard. Only this point that this job contract is unbefristet is not written anywhere.   I just found it out, however, I have sent a query to HR for this. I am wondering if some one can give me a quick heads up here ?    THanks a lot in advance
  4. THanks a lot !! I will get in touch with them !!
  5. Thank you and everyone else who took time to answer my question. If my question was not correctly formed I apologize for it !!
  6. I prefer going to some clinic and do it , rather than ordering online. I have already checked this on amazon !! 
  7. Does anyone knows if chlamydia urine test for men is available anywhere in Munich. Any leads will be helpful. So far wherever I have been here, they have it not by urine. I'd like to know if any urologist or clinic in Munich has urine test for chlamydia (men).   Thank you