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  1. Speeding tickets and fines

    I've had my face shame snapped while driving in Ulm this summer - received a fine of 15 Euros as I was going at 56 km/h when the limit was 50 km/h. My bad. I should have been more careful. Anyway, I've paid the fine directly to Ulm municipality and about a few days after receiving the ticket, I've also received a letter from Avis, the rental company I hired the car from. Avis charged 29,75 Euros on my credit card as an admin fee for processing the fine. However, reading their T&Cs, there seems to be a clause that says that payment for their admin fee will be taken unless it can be proved that the fine is lower than their admin fee.   Form the Terms and Conditions for Avis in Germany (     Now, my German is not perfect, so I was wondering if anyone here could help clarify this clause or give their opinion whether there is a ground to appeal their fee... or if I should just grin and bear it.
  2. landlord taking ages to provide water+heating bill

    Many many thanks for sharing your experience as a landlord. That really explains a lot and I feel reassured now that everything is in order. I had no idea that in some cases heating meters could be read electronically - really good to know.
  3. landlord taking ages to provide water+heating bill

    Thank you for confirming that this is a regular Nebenkostenabrechnung, even though I felt your answer slightly condescending. In fact, I didn't know that I wanted a utility bill issued by the landlord. I had no idea what to expect - one of those unknown unknowns as I've never rented in Germany before - I just wanted a valid bill. Somehow I expected bills from the utility companies to be forwarded to me by the landlord. But that's great: not only now I know that what I got sent is a valid Nebenkostenabrechnung, I also learnt something new :)
  4. landlord taking ages to provide water+heating bill

    After several emails sent to chase up our landlord, we have finally received a bill for 2017. Apart from the fact that they have not yet sent us a bill for December 2016, the main thing that seems strange is that the bill has been prepared by the landlords themselves, i.e. it's not a bill from the Hausverwaltung. I will try to attach an extract of the bill to this post.   Is it normal that a tenant receives a bill issued by the landlord without any backing of official statements from the Hausverwaltung? I know that Haushaltsnahe Aufwendungen costs can be declared in the personal tax return, so I was wondering if a bill issued by a landlord would be accepted as proof of these costs.   Unfortunately, we waited too long to join a Mieterverein as we are shortly moving away from Berlin and they seem to force a 3-year contract.
  5. I have been renting a flat in Berlin since November 2016. The water and heating are part of the Nebenkosten which I pay to the landlord on top of the rent on a monthly basis. It is now almost two years since I started renting this flat and still have not received an actual bill for these costs to check how much has been consumed. I'd imagine it to be in my rights to know if I am due to pay the difference or receive a refund if the bill differs from the estimated Nebenkosten. I've asked the landlord back in March 2018 if they had received the bills for the period from November 2016 till November 2017; however, the landlord replied saying that they were waiting from the Hausverwaltung and that they would have kept me informed. Since then, I never brought up the subject with the landlord again.   My question is if it's normal in Germany to have to wait all this time? I can't dare to imagine how stressful it might be the day that I will move out and having to wait for ages to receive back the deposit!