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  1. Please come back! :D


  2. Class trips - right to refuse?

      That changes everything, mate. I can only guess that he's the teacher. A note from Grandpa that he's too tired may not be the best idea. Cheers.
  3. I've just posted a silly photo

    Waiting for Lily 
  4. What made you laugh today?

    I can‘t stop laughing.     
  5. What made you smile today?

      I have tried that, but for breakfast. I can‘t recall what the sauce is called, but it’s off-white, thick and mixed with sausage bits. I quite liked it. Definitely American. 
  6.   does he stalk spiderpig or does spiderpig stalk him?  Or a bit of both?
  7. I've just posted a silly photo

      Wasn‘t my nose and that isn‘t snot. 
  8. Toytown website improvements/suggestions

      You obviously didn’t read what she posted. Her problem is that TT loses millions of members each day because Hoop‘s jokes wind up on the home page. 
  9. Toytown website improvements/suggestions

      Her problem seems to be mainly with you. While she‘s bossy and judgemental in other threads, her main suggestions for improvement seem to all involve getting rid of you. 
  10. Class trips - right to refuse?

      No it wasn’t.  He knows why he doesn’t want to give them the reason.    If that was his question, then I have the perfect answer. Don’t tell them the reason because “my 14 y/o daughter will be too tired” is going to make you look silly.    I hope that helps. 
  11. Class trips - right to refuse?

      Independent of your situation: Some of the learning opportunities are mandatory to ensure that the children grow up in spite of their parents.    Some parents wouldn’t send their kids to school at all if they didn’t have to. Again, independent of your particular situation.     
  12. Class trips - right to refuse?

      I didn’t ask for your advice on this. Cheers. 
  13. Class trips - right to refuse?

      Nothing to get riled up about. Many parents have difficulty letting their children grow up. 
  14. Class trips - right to refuse?

      Cheers. The overprotective parent, it seems.    OP: kids bounce back from being a bit nackered for a day quicker than from missing out on a week-long skiing trip. 
  15. Class trips - right to refuse?

      I don’t think I understand the problem. There is surely a reason for not wanting or not being allowed to go.    It makes sense to know the reasoning, imho. If the family has financial problems, for example, assistance can be provided, but only if they know that to be the reason.   If it’s an overnight trip and the child wets the bed, it might not be so bad for the school to know that either, as the bed wetting could have underlying psychological causes.    If the parent is simply overprotective, perhaps they can help with that too.