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  1. youngtimers, modified ,British MOT

    This is sounds like it may be a nightmare :-) but I a reluctant to part with it after 15 years of usage!  I will have an official word :-( Always risky, the answer is often NO!  I have lived here for a year but the car is still in England so In theory I can use it for a least six months? . The bit about German road tax, if you are paying it in another Eu country would it apply.? Then there is Brexit....BAH!
  2.  I have an old triumph dolomite sprint 1976. After this length of time many parts have been changed /improved  eg weber carbs, upgraded shock absorbers various engine internals . wildwood brake kit. I have no problem with getting a British MOT.   Would I be able to get a German TÜV?   Or would It just be easier to go back to England get a British one., and come back again.  As many of these parts are quite old I doubt they have any TÜV  markings. I was also looking at a nice GT6  ( 1972) which has had a 3.500cc rover fitted instead of the standard6 . Would this be impossible to register here?