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  1. old school car key cutting

    Can you get old type car keys, no chip or central locking etc involved, at any other place than a dealer? eg local key cutter . The nearest dealer is a long way away :-)  Also I am not confident the car vin number would match up with right key record. at 24 years old Anything could have been changed! other topics seem to say sometimes not always.  
  2. youngtimers, modified ,British MOT

    This is sounds like it may be a nightmare :-) but I a reluctant to part with it after 15 years of usage!  I will have an official word :-( Always risky, the answer is often NO!  I have lived here for a year but the car is still in England so In theory I can use it for a least six months? . The bit about German road tax, if you are paying it in another Eu country would it apply.? Then there is Brexit....BAH!
  3.  I have an old triumph dolomite sprint 1976. After this length of time many parts have been changed /improved  eg weber carbs, upgraded shock absorbers various engine internals . wildwood brake kit. I have no problem with getting a British MOT.   Would I be able to get a German TÜV?   Or would It just be easier to go back to England get a British one., and come back again.  As many of these parts are quite old I doubt they have any TÜV  markings. I was also looking at a nice GT6  ( 1972) which has had a 3.500cc rover fitted instead of the standard6 . Would this be impossible to register here?