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  1. Hello, I wonder if anyone is  receiving Swedish pension benefits (both allmän and/or tjänstepension) while working here in Germany and receiving Kurzarbeitergeld. I am eligible to receive pension bennies soon, but want to know if receiving this money will in any way reduce my Kurzarbeitergeld amounts. Perhaps important in this context is the fact that the amounts will not be a full pension, but rather only from work for approx. 15 years in Sweden.   I have found this online: "Die Teilrente wird nicht auf das KUG angerechnet. So sieht es der Anwendungsausschluss  des § 156 SGB III im Sinne des § 107 Absatz 2 SGB III vor." (Source: Maybe the Swedish pension could be considered a Teilrente because of the amount.   Thanks all.