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  1. "You must book the test before you travel to England."   So you have to book a slot at a test centre, and can't just bring a LFT with you and take the test yourself on day 2? That's kind of surprising, since the old PCR day 2 tests could be self-administered without any kind of supervision.   Anyway, I'm glad to be able to finally visit my family in the UK after our Christmas plans were ruined. Fortunately, I still have a PCR test-kit waiting for me that I ordered in December, so I'll probably just use that. I paid £80 for the damn thing, after all.
  2. I was due to fly back to the UK on Thursday to spend Christmas with family, obviously that's fallen through now. I've been looking forward to it for months, so it's a massive disappointment. I did briefly consider going anyway, then booking a return flight to Prague and taking the train over the border into Germany, then lying about having been in the UK on the Einreiseanmeldung, but that would really stupid and irresponsible. Other countries are likely to follow France and Germany's lead anyway, I think.   As others have said, omicron is here so it's a bit late for this now. It's just a massive blow to expats who were looking forward to a quiet Christmas with their families. The same thing happened last Christmas with delta, and I was of the mindset that "it's just a one-off and it'll be OK next year when we have the vaccines", but here we are again.     
  3. Unfortunately, the UK's test requirement still applies, so for vaccinated people it makes no difference.   Thanks to Auntie Helen for the informative posts. I pretty much understood what was required, but was a little paranoid about being caught out on some minor detail, which seems very unlikely. I'm looking forward to seeing my family again, and my young niece that I have never met.
  4.   I'd be interested to hear how it goes, especially on arrival in England. I'll also be on my way back to Germany by the time I get the result from the day-2 test, a complete waste of time (and money) for shorter visits such as ours.   I went ahead and booked my Kostenloser Bürgertest at the departure airport in Dresden. I have a connection in Frankfurt before heading to LHR, so I assume the relevant checks will be done prior to boarding in Frankfurt.