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  1. Got cheated by Indian Husband

    Relax and Stay strong!  Check with the University if it is possible to get this payment back by writing a letter to the University coordinator. If they need to contact the person, let them do it. Or try to you explain it to them. Do not fight with his family by any chance. It will only cause more problems.  Take it one at a time. Solve it one by one... Do not afraid to talk to lawyers in India. Good lawyers would help. But check for their ratings and reviews online. Or, go through a trusted person!    
  2. German English Exchange

    @Wherearewegoingto Yes, I called! Hope you well. I don't know if you have checked my last reply posts here. I had openly wrote more about me and my intentions. You commented saying, you loved a part - Me proposing to talk day to-day life in English, German: Is it a criticism or you really loved it ? ... this is my attempt to know you, as you had participated in the thread... Nice day!
  3. German English Exchange

  4. German English Exchange

    Yes. I had written a bigger message to explain more in my last post. I called the participants in the thread because they might be interested to know. However, never mind. Best regards!
  5. German English Exchange

    @kiplette @RedMidge
  6. German English Exchange

    Thanks @thegreatdivide.   It may be relevant for me to say that, I have a business in my country. Our official language is English*.  I have experiences publishing few articles on the internet.   I definitely understand how important the grammar is for a language. I write poems in my language. I have three songs of my own. One happen to be in English. I try to understand, care and always stayed curious about where should I need to put the capital letters, the punctuation marks, how the concept of clauses should work or derived, so on. I believe, it is an art?! I try to do it good, while I am at work.  I am still a learner!   However, in my post, I said, I offer day to-day talks till the business level. Not specified which kind of business level, how small or big the business you are into, which stream of it or in which country you are in business?  I really do not know, what a business level English means. Since I didn't study English as a foreign language. It was our medium of learning in schools.  I guess, the debate here really started since I didn't really know that this country is with many English native speakers. The response made me feel the people living here and the culture. I am new in Germany. I am here near after a decade, since after I studied a two year engineering course in English.    Let me think, where are all the prefect English are sensitively used in my country, or in different streams of arts or science. I get to understand the level of the language is related to the country you are living in?  Bit confused!    I am also sure, irrespective of the places, nature and kind of businesses, the language used needs to be perfect.   Like for example, in the few below quoted areas? in Corporate communications, in Publications - say for the Magazines, in Technical reports, in Arts - Poems and Stories,   or in Journalism?    Myself - as an Engineer, definitely need to work and report in English. But a day to-day English is good enough for our corporate talks. We are keen on the actions that is put forth than the languages used.   In my perspective, until the language isn't worse with too bad grammar, it is okay for me. I am usually keen on what is told with the underlying meaning and I won't hesitate to ask the person himself, to understand what he or she really means.  It also gets difficult when you start seeing in the linguistic perspective. Who doesn't want quality English speakers to be side by side working along with you? What about a Shakespeare working near to you? ;-) This makes me already laugh and feel excited about it(Though I am not sure if I would be able to understand his level of poetic native English). :-) I only can feel a bonus or lucky - if I get to speak with people with all good language skills!    However, all is well!    For any other readers, who are looking for native speakers alone for their language exchange. At Google play store you will find a Mobile application called, "Tandem". It works free of cost to find people online for exchanging languages. If you need to find someone nearby, the location identifier in the application, searches and connect them to you. You obviously need to pay as a member for that.     I am also glad to share that, I had already found three new people there last week to talk to for the English - German language exchange. My German is already finding a good way of improvement. I am happy for that.  Writing this long sentences definitely made me feel that I am working on my English too!    Viele Gruesse und Frohe Ostern! :-) 
  7. German English Exchange

    I can't change it again.  TT doesn't allow.  However, I guess I am fluent enough for business level communications too. Talk to me, you will know me. Thanks for your suggestion. 
  8. German English Exchange

    @kiplette   At a friendly note:   The advice of writing in a German forum from you is taken. Thanks, but the rest matters too, if I had to respond to all that you had quoted.   Good to know that you are an English teacher. But I am a Engineer by profession. I used to develop things with the few things I have in my hand. Once the concept is over, then comes the standard! ;-)   I am talking about English/German language for survival.
  9. German English Exchange

    @kiplette By the way, do you also own this forum? Please take it easy! You do not know my background and your judgement is not in need. Thanks!
  10. German English Exchange

    @kipletteCould you please help me in my grammar of my sentences? I will be happy to learn it from you.   I wrote this advert as soon as I got from my work. I didn't think much. This forum doesn't allow you to correct your sentences after 20 minutes of the post. Could you see, I corrected my sentences after I post the original draft ?   Do not take life to seriously. ;-) If you are looking for perfection, I am not looking for you. I have learnt German to a level, all these days only talking with people. Who said, I am looking for only Germans? I am looking for a tandem partner, they do not need to be Germans. Do you know there are many people who like to think in English so they could better use their communication in English language spontaneously?   However, your advice is taken.    
  11. German English Exchange

    ted 23 minutes ago ·    Hello! Greetings, I am seeking for a German-English tandem partner. I can speak B2 level(intermediate) German, and I like to improve my German. I can offer English, till the Business level, for anyone who is interested in Tandem learning. I live near Garching. If you live near to it, or even if inside the inner city of Munich and you are interested, then please let me know. We hopefully help eachother and improve our language skills. We can speak on topics like - day today life, some kind of stories, cultures, hobbies, etc. Hear from you soon. Best regards!  
  12. Hello! Greetings, I am seeking for German-English tandem partner. I can speak B2 level(intermediate) German, and like to improve my German. I can offer English till the Business level for anyone interested in Tandem learning. I live near Garching. If you live near to it, or even if inside the inner city of Munich and interested, then please let me know. Hopefully we help eachother and improve our language skills. We can speak on day today life, some kind of stories, cultures, hobbies, etc. Best regards!
  13. Writers and like-minded individuals

    I would like to discuss on writing. I have an idea to bring it as a book & just starting to write. Would be interesting for me. 
  14. I am from India. But I was learning western singing( English songs) for a year. I would like to improve my singing. I guess, I can contribute to the choir. I just have confidence. Would you still encourage me joining your team? Best regards!