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  1. Blue card application - questions

      Oh I see, perhaps requirements vary per consulate. At my local consulate proof of housing/accommodation is required, in the form of a hotel reservation or a rental agreement.   Can you please tell me what service you used to book this furnished room? I looked at Wunderflats but they seemed super expensive haha
  2. Blue card application - questions

      Hey thanks for your response. How long did you book the furnished room for? Did they pay attention to those two things (1) duration of initial booking, and 2) if the place gives you a Wohnungsgeberbestätigung or not, which in my case for a hotel reservation they probably won't) during the national visa interview at the Consulate in your home country? I'm asking because I don't want to rent an expensive furnished place when my employer would have found a Wohnung for me by the time I fly out to Germany (but not by the time I have my visa interview at the Consulate).
  3. Blue card application - questions

    Hi - does anyone have any advice? The housing question in 2) is particularly perplexing and I have no clue what to do, for the visa. Thanks!
  4. Hi all,   I was wondering if anyone has experience applying for the blue card from abroad (national visa from a German consulate in the US). I have a peculiar situation and I'm trying to see if there might be problems at the German consulate.   1) I have a bachelor's degree in Electrical Engineering from a third world dump that's university H+ and entspricht on Anabin, which is also what the requirement is. The program of study mentioned on the website is "alle Studienrichtungen" so I am assuming that covers mine also. However, I also have a Master's of Science (MS) degree in Electrical Engineering from a much, much better school in the US, institute H+ but weirdly my major (which is a very common engineering major) isn't listed, even though there are many other "uncommon" Studienrichtungen listed on anabin for MS degrees. Can I just use my bachelor's degree instead since it satisfies the requirements of university qualification needed for a blue card?   Additional info : the job is in Finance/IT but needs a quantitative background/experience and fluent German, the salary is 85K so I don't think there needs to be a Vorrangprufung or a BA Vorabzustimmung or whatever.   2) Housing : the requirements for my local consulate say this : Proof of housing in Germany incl. full address (e.g. rental agreement, hotel reservation or invitation letter in case of private accommodation with name, full address and passport copy of the inviting person)   I think it's impossible to get a rental contract with a German landlord before I even have a visa to enter Germany. Can I just book some hotel for 1-2 weeks on booking.com (even if I don't have flight tickets or an exact departure date for Germany) and then cancel for free after I get the visa? In the meantime, my future employer has said he will arrange housing for me, but obviously he needs more time for that and I want to get the visa appointment done with as soon as possible since there might be a long processing time.   I appreciate any and all responses. Thanks!