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  1. Hi.   I want to exchange my ct DL to a german one, but lots of people say you need to do it within 3 years of living in germany. Yet, I have found a law that it  only needs to be vaild, according to:   Does anyone know the facts here as I have read so much on this and would like to know.   Thanks   Shanei
  2. Hi I will be going back to the US for a few months and would prefer to be able to apply and get a job in the Muenster area before returning. My husband is German and suggests that it can be done. I am searching for an admin asst, preferably in a school/KITA setting. Otherwise perhaps working in customer services or stocking etc in a shop just to start off with. Has anyone been able to land a german job before entering Germany? I have been living here since August 2016 and have all documents, and have been married since 2018. I have a b1 in German and recently completed the german integration course.   Many thanks   Shanei
  3. Hi I will be leaving Germany for a few months and would love to be able to exchange my Ny DL to CT DL. I am originally from CT and want to know if it is possible to come back with a new dL and it will be allowed. I will have been living in Germany for 3 yrs this August, so when I leave would it still count as 3 yrs living in Gemany or not. Is it worth it to get new DL? And if this is possible, does any one know if you can take a 1st aid course in the states, or must it be taken in Germany.   Many thanks   Shanei
  4. Hi.   Does anyone know where you can find local Muenster MDS, sprecifically for men's, women's health, along with therapy and natural health practitioners that are bilingual, or native english speakers? I have been searching and have not had any luck.   Many thanks   Shanei
  5. Hi Everyone   I am an american, living in Münster, Germany with my German husband. I want to find remote/heim arbeit with in an American or other English speaking company. Are there websites or other means/ways of finding these jobs? Or can you ask at the Arbeit Agentur, etc?   If anyone can help, pls do reply.   Many thanks   Shanei