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  1. Hi. I am from the US and seeking others to meet up for tea/coffee here in Münster. I am 35, fem, married and live in the Albachten area. I am avail mostly mornings and occasional weekend.   If interested, I would love to hear from you   Many thanks   Shanei
  2. Hi.   I want to exchange my ct DL to a german one, but lots of people say you need to do it within 3 years of living in germany. Yet, I have found a law that it  only needs to be vaild, according to:   Does anyone know the facts here as I have read so much on this and would like to know.   Thanks   Shanei
  3. Hi I will be going back to the US for a few months and would prefer to be able to apply and get a job in the Muenster area before returning. My husband is German and suggests that it can be done. I am searching for an admin asst, preferably in a school/KITA setting. Otherwise perhaps working in customer services or stocking etc in a shop just to start off with. Has anyone been able to land a german job before entering Germany? I have been living here since August 2016 and have all documents, and have been married since 2018. I have a b1 in German and recently completed the german integration course.   Many thanks   Shanei