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  1. English speaking personal trainer Munich

    Hey hey!  DO you guys take TK insurance for physio?  Or have any recs that do?  I can't seem to find a good place with intense sports massage.  My cycling legs/knees are in need!
  2. Cycling clubs and groups in Munich

    Try BlackBike!  I am an instructor there and classes are mostly in English and it's filled with great music, inspiration and its a fun way to challenge yourself & get sweaty as a group!  Let me know if you want more details!
  3. I would love to come to this as well!  I can let you know at the beginning of next week if that's ok!
  4. Immigration lawyer in Regensburg or Munich?

    IRIS WOLF Iris Wolf, GMS General Manager – Munich Office PALLADIUM MOBILITY MUNICH T:  +49 (89) 330377250 M: +49 (172) 8659594 She is the equivalent to a magician in lawyer form!  Haha she has helped me out so much in such a little and hectic amount of time!  She knows a lot of people and gets things done!