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  1. To be more specific, I am not supporting the equality of the two genders, in the same degree as I don't support the superiority of men. What I prefer, like and support is the dissimilarity and the unlikeness of the two genders. So, maybe I support the same rights, but not the female jealousy to copy men.
  2. Only Hou Yifan is in the top 100: https://2700chess.com/?per-page=100   Unlike with most sports recognized by the International Olympic Committee, where competition is either "mixed" (containing everyone) or split into men and women,[1] in chess women are both allowed to compete in the "open" division (including the World Chess Championship) yet also have a separate Women's Championship (only open to females).[2]   https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Women%27s_World_Chess_Championship
  3. I say seriously my opinion, any serious answer? For example why top chess players remain men? Why they are not equal with women 50-50?
  4.   For your daughter's good, show her the top 100 world chess players, and try to explain to her, why 99 of them are males.
  5. @Elljay, I really enjoy BBC articles. While I was sleeping, i read many times about the rights of everyone except the white straight man, and it helped me wake up. But some articles are really interesting. They are talking about 1-2 gupsies or junkies or lgbt who have successful life... They really collect any abnormal they meet and they create article...   AlexTr, and El Jeffo, you can start from here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Women_Against_Feminism Seriously, I believe that feminist created by white men, for selling antidepressant drugs and tranquilizers pills to some women who suddenly have convinced that they are "equal" to men.
  6. Hi again. Let me tell you something. Stack overflow. It features questions and answers on a wide range of topics in computer programming - software engineering, computer science, mathematics, statistics, data science etc. Go to demographics, here: https://insights.stackoverflow.com/survey/2018/   And a question to all the fanatic feminist females of this forum. Can you confirm that all the females in the environment around you (relatives, neighbors, colleagues, friends etc) are all fanatic feminists, like you? There are not exceptions? of being female anti-feminists? Because currently I think that 99% of all females have some doubts of modern feminism ("fourth-wave").
  7. misogyny? Of course not. I like, love and respect the original female gender.
  8. @ mtbiking. There are 20 girls at the moment interesting in becoming my wife. Believe me they are all beautiful and successful anti-feminists, not unwashed ugly feminists who live in 1970.
  9. @ lisa13. Some advanced areas of IT and technology, some advanced areas of medicine and engineering, some advanced areas of police, army etc and many fields of freelancing.
  10. Which Bank would you recommend

    If you want interest, you should look for hedge fund, not bank.
  11. Thats the point. I am not talking about white heterosexual males who belong to lower class and they don't have opportunities to get in middle class. I am talking about white heterosexual men who already belong to middle class and they don't have opportunities to get in upper class, because we waste all our time to some people who only know how to protest in demonstrations "for their rights" instead of becoming serious and work seriously.
  12. It happens rare. I am talking about some jobs with high salary that can be done only by men.
  13. https://www.toytowngermany.com/forum/topic/381721-is-there-racism-against-white-heterosexual-well-educated-men/ We can continue there.   In any case, do you know that the major current anti feminist movements are done by females?
  14. What is your opinion? Is there racism against white heterosexual well-educated men? In Germany and more generally in west.   Myself, I feel that there is a very indirect and insidious racism against these people. For example, their rewards with respect to their performance is the lowest possible in comparison with other social classes. Just because they are white or straight men.
  15. @ fraufruit. I mean, that some things are overpriced by some companies when they try to hire you, trying to avoid higher major salary.   @mtbiking, yes there is racism against men in western well developed countries, including Germany. That is my opinion, is there a problem? And as the salary increases, also the gender gap increases, implying indirect racism against men, especially well educated men. But we are totally offtopic.