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  1. I have been working here in Germany for almost three years under a blue card, and away from my family and friend for almost 8 years (of which 4 years in the UK). Now I'm planning to take a time off and leaving Germany for one year (for a country outside the EU) and spend as much time as possible with family and friends, then probably come back and continue working/living here. I discussed this with my employer, and he said that he is open to the idea of me working remotely for one year. 


    I read that the blue card can be maintained 12 months after leaving, and probably the same settlement permit (PR) received from a blue card (please correct if I'm wrong).

    I would like to get your opinion about the feasibility of my plans, would it be possible to spend a year outside Germany then come back? What should I keep in mind while planning this, would it be possible to not continue paying my health insurance, broadcast fees, taxes, rent ... while being away? and would it be better to opt for a PR or would renewing my blue card be more suitable for my plans? should I de-register? would it help to come spend a couple of days every now and then during this one year?

    Side note: Although my plans are for next year, I'm also thinking about start selling my furniture starting from now, as I read it is very hard to sell used furniture in Germany and people chose to give it away instead. I plan to rent a new place after coming back. Any advice about this would also be appreciated.


  2. 17 minutes ago, Wasteland said:

    Often German builders are incredibly clumsy, they fix one thing and break 3 other things in the process. What happened ? Looks like they drilled right through the wall when securing the scaffolding, the radiator will have to be removed to repair the plaster, im sure the rental company will soon be in touch, from the photo it's obvious the damage was not caused by you. When the plumber comes I hope they don't create a Wasserschaden.

    Yes, it's from installing the scaffolding.



  3. 7 minutes ago, lisa13 said:


    but that looks like a normal sized dübel for putting up a shelf or similar - relative to the size of the hole in the doesn't quite compute (for me...just looking at the photo)

    I have the same question as you do. I went yesterday to my room and that's what found. But yes, it's from installing the scaffolding. I have a bigger picture that I will compress and post it here.



  4. There are construction going on outside my building. A company is changing the windows of the entire building. I checked my bedroom yesterday and I found that they made some damages in the outside wall of the room.

    I took some pictures and I sent an email to the company I'm renting the flat from. They did not respond yet, but is this everything I need to do? I don't want to be held reliable for this when I checkout in the future.



  5. 5 minutes ago, gaijin said:

    250 Euros is not really that much compared to what it might cost you if you mess up your Unterlassungserklärung or if by paying (for what exactly?) you implicitly admit guilt. Either get really knowledgeable yourself or let the lawyer handle it.

    I already signed the cease-and-desist letter as part of the first warning, now I'm in Mahnbescheid stage.


    It says here,_court_orders,_writs in '2.2 that I need send the law firm or collection agency proof of payment and request written confirmation of payment. Before transferring this amount of money, I wanted to confirm whether this is enough.


    PS. I'm not admitting any guilt, I just don't have the resource and the language to fight back. I also want to buy my peace of mind. 


  6. 10 minutes ago, gaijin said:

    Judging from your post, medk, you do not really understand the system, so there is only one thing for you to do:


    You will probably have to provide a "strafbewehrte Unterlassungserklärung", if you don't, they can (and will) take you to court and it will be very expensive. If you just sign theirs, you admit all sorts of things that you probably do not want to admit and it will be very expensive.

    I got a lawyer when I received the first letter. But now after receiving the Mahnbescheid, the lawyer is asking for extra 250 euros. I feel I am wasting my money fighting this case. I prefer pay the expensive amount I received in the Mahnbescheid and forget about the problem once and for all. 


    So paying is not enough, I need also to send "strafbewehrte Unterlassungserklärung" as well? Do you know from I can get it? how about the Widerspruch, should I send it as well?


  7. I received a Mahnbescheid from Waldorf Frommer, for an accusation of file sharing that they claim it happened two years ago.


    This Mahnbescheid consists of two Widerspruch forms, one gray and the other one pink (one with the address of the responsible court and one without). The pink one says "Schadenersatz au Unfall/Vorfall" and the gray one says a different (higher) amount under "gesamtsumme".


    If I decide to pay, what amount I should pay pay, the "gesamtsumme" in the gray page or the one in the "Schadenersatz au Unfall/Vorfall" in the pink page. And it says here I need to send payment evidence to Waldorf Frommer, but how about the Widerspruch, which box I should tick?


    And If I decide to object, will there be a period of negotiation? or do we go to court right after the receipt of the opposition?


  8. I went to the center and I asked in person, and they told me I need a recognition for my divorce. 


    I contacted the office responsible for these recognitions, and they told me I need to legalize my papers in the embassy of Germany in my country. I went to the website of the embassy and checked the requirements to legalize a document there. They requires many documents and pre-legalizations before they can legalize a document (a long process). They also require  "Nachweis des Bezugs zum deutschen Rechtsbereich" (Proof of reference to the German legal area), which is a letter that shows the German authority are asking for this legalization:



    Eine Legalisation wird nur vorgenommen, wenn ein Bezug zum deutschen Rechtsbereich nachgewiesen wird. Dies geschieht durch ein Schreiben einer deutschen Behörde, in dem die Art der zu legalisierenden Urkunde angegeben wird. Auf diesem Schreiben müssen der Stempel der Behörde und der Name des Urkundeninhabers ersichtlich sein


    So, I contacted the center to either provide me with this letter so I can start with this long process, or check again if my divorce is a home-state divorce and that I don't need any recognition, like the website of the ministry of foreign affairs states: (Heimatstaat-Entscheidung)

    But they said I have to contact the juristic bureau. So I did, but they again told me that they cannot provide me with anything before an application is submitted (and I cannot submit an application without the legalized documents) and they cannot check whether I need a recognition or not, and that their job is to review applications (not to check whether I need one), and that I need to contact the center.


    So I don't know what to do now!


  9. I came here in Germany 3 years ago, and brought my ex-wife a year after my arrival as a visa-dependent. We got divorced last month, and now I'm trying to inform the immigration office that I'm no longer married. I've been told by an employee in the immigration office that I would need a legal recognition for my divorce, but made some research online I found that if both parties (husband and wife) have the same sole nationality, and the divorce was carried out in their country, no recognition is needed. (Possible Exception) (Decisions taken by the parties' state of origin)

    I thought maybe the employee did not know that we fall into this category, so I would like to confirm if a recognition is really needed before going through this lengthy process.


  10. 24 minutes ago, someonesdaughter said:


    You seem to have difficulties not only with the German language, but also with the English language. I answered 3 of your questions, learn to read, Mr. Rude (welcome to my ignore list).




    You just keep going, don't you?! you know that the easiest way to go is to insult. Behave yourself or stop acting like a child. 


    Did he? Or did you simply not understand what he told you because of your inability to understand the language spoken here? 


    All I said is that this was kind of vicious and unnecessary question/statement to ask/make (since you are paying a close attention on the language here). But thanks for your other replies.


  11. 21 minutes ago, someonesdaughter said:


    What do you think is my point? And how is it relevant that you got a job contract and a work permit? What does that have to do with your lease? 



    Your YELLING is very rude. Besides, I don't believe you. Last tip: Read/translate the next contract before you sign.


    21 minutes ago, someonesdaughter said:


    What do you think is my point? And how is it relevant that you got a job contract and a work permit? What does that have to do with your lease? 



    Your YELLING is very rude. Besides, I don't believe you. Last tip: Read/translate the next contract before you sign.


    1 hour ago, someonesdaughter said:



    Lol, my yelling?! I did not yell, I emphasised so you can understand. Why would I care if you believe me or not?! And Why would I lie in a forum?! ... Last tip: Why don't you answer the question like the others instead of playing Mr. (or Mrs.) Smart ?!


  12. 22 minutes ago, someonesdaughter said:


    Did he? Or did you simply not understand what he told you because of your inability to understand the language spoken here? 


    I was offered a job contract; a work permit and he accepted to take me as a customer on the basis of me not speaking German. So your point is irrelevant here.

    + I asked this particular question in the clearest way possible: IS EVERYTHING INCLUDED, WATER ELECTRICITY HEATING? ... The answer I got is YES.


  13. Hi,


    I moved to a new appartement on mid June this year. When I viewed the flat, I asked about everything, including who is in charge of the costs ...etc. The house manager made it clear to me that all costs are paid by them. But today; I received what looks like an electricity utility bill. I thought it just a marketing letter (or whatever they called them) to advertise their services. After translating it, It seemed like it is addressed to me specifically to pay and expect an action from me (to pay the cost of electricity).


    I went back to the contract; I found that it says the owner provides:

    Betriebskosten as in § 2 BetrKV
    Heizkoster as in § 2 BetrKV

    Now I am confused. I thought warmieter (warm rent) includes everything? How much electricity cost annually in Hamburg in average (for two people living in 2 bed flat)? Can switch to another service rather than this one chosen for me (by whoever it was)? (I am not going to ask what can I do to not pay for electricity because clearly the house manager took advantage of my inability to read German).