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  1. How to respond to Mahnbescheid

    I received a Mahnbescheid from Waldorf Frommer, for an accusation of file sharing that they claim it happened two years ago.   This Mahnbescheid consists of two Widerspruch forms, one gray and the other one pink (one with the address of the responsible court and one without). The pink one says "Schadenersatz au Unfall/Vorfall" and the gray one says a different (higher) amount under "gesamtsumme".   If I decide to pay, what amount I should pay pay, the "gesamtsumme" in the gray page or the one in the "Schadenersatz au Unfall/Vorfall" in the pink page. And it says here I need to send payment evidence to Waldorf Frommer, but how about the Widerspruch, which box I should tick?   And If I decide to object, will there be a period of negotiation? or do we go to court right after the receipt of the opposition?
  2. I have been working here in Germany for almost three years under a blue card, and away from my family and friend for almost 8 years (of which 4 years in the UK). Now I'm planning to take a time off and leaving Germany for one year (for a country outside the EU) and spend as much time as possible with family and friends, then probably come back and continue working/living here. I discussed this with my employer, and he said that he is open to the idea of me working remotely for one year.    I read that the blue card can be maintained 12 months after leaving, and probably the same settlement permit (PR) received from a blue card (please correct if I'm wrong). I would like to get your opinion about the feasibility of my plans, would it be possible to spend a year outside Germany then come back? What should I keep in mind while planning this, would it be possible to not continue paying my health insurance, broadcast fees, taxes, rent ... while being away? and would it be better to opt for a PR or would renewing my blue card be more suitable for my plans? should I de-register? would it help to come spend a couple of days every now and then during this one year? Side note: Although my plans are for next year, I'm also thinking about start selling my furniture starting from now, as I read it is very hard to sell used furniture in Germany and people chose to give it away instead. I plan to rent a new place after coming back. Any advice about this would also be appreciated.