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  1. I don't remember if it was there when I moved in (we both took picture, but the pictures were not too close to this spot, and did not have the right angle to be able to compare). I only remember that I felt the floor was fragile and bad quality. I also don't remember dumping water. My understanding from what I have read here, if I did not do something that shows negligence from side, it should be considered normal wear and tear?  
  2. Thanks everyone for your time and help. Now I have a better understanding on how to proceed. make photos/videos of every corner of the house I will refuse to sign or pay anything and wait until my appointment with the  mieterverein it's not my fault, and if they think otherwise, they have to prove it. if I feel their expert is untrustworthy I can bring my own  I will also highlight the facts that the floor is not cut correctly and there are spaces between the laminates as well as the skirting board   And I also bought a liability insurance for the future, just in case.  
  3. Thanks for the advises. I think the flat was renovated before I moved in. But to be honest, I always had the impression that this floor is very fragile from the start (so I tried to be very careful). Yes, I will be happy to pay for the parts, but of course not for the entire flooring.
  4. Thanks for the information. I'm not sure if I have under floor heating, but all the radiators are off now.
  5. Ok thanks for the explanation.   Would it help to buy this insurance now before the expert comes, or is it too late? Or is it part of the Mietverein?   Do you know how much approximately the removal/installation can cost?    
  6.   I became after that, but the earliest appointment with the English speaker lawyer is on mid January, and many things can happen in between.   I don't remember dumping any water. And I don't see any significant damage. Worst case scenario they can change half a square meter in my opinion.   Yes, it looks to me that they are trying to get the rental reduction money back using these tricks.
  7. Construction and renovation works were carried out in the building where I live since 1 year. Many problems occurred because of that, including noise, wholes in the flat, light obstruction because the cover and the security risks that come from the scaffolding...etc. I applied for rent reduction and at the same time sent a notice letter to leave the flat after three months.   Couple of weeks later, the landlord (agency employee) came. I thought he came to verify my claims about the construction damage, instead, he was looking for any damage that I caused. There is nothing significantly wrong with the flat and he did not find any major issues. There was a little bump in the parquet (parkett buche) that he took a picture of.    Today they called me and said there might be water everywhere under the parkett, and the bumps are everywhere (but I really don't see them) and we might have to replace the entire floor, and it's going to be expensive and I have to pay for that. But first they will bring an expert to confirm what they say.   I have two problems with that: - i don't think there is a damage of this magnitude (attached some pictures, maybe I'm wrong) - i don't trust them, and consequently I don't trust there expert   Of course the lawyer option is on the table. But I was wondering if there is anything else I have to pay attention to before I get an appointment with a lawyer.   I have been renting this flat for almost three years.
  8. How to respond to Mahnbescheid

    I received a Mahnbescheid from Waldorf Frommer, for an accusation of file sharing that they claim it happened two years ago.   This Mahnbescheid consists of two Widerspruch forms, one gray and the other one pink (one with the address of the responsible court and one without). The pink one says "Schadenersatz au Unfall/Vorfall" and the gray one says a different (higher) amount under "gesamtsumme".   If I decide to pay, what amount I should pay pay, the "gesamtsumme" in the gray page or the one in the "Schadenersatz au Unfall/Vorfall" in the pink page. And it says here I need to send payment evidence to Waldorf Frommer, but how about the Widerspruch, which box I should tick?   And If I decide to object, will there be a period of negotiation? or do we go to court right after the receipt of the opposition?