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  1. Thanks for the information.  hmm ok, then I'll try to apply two months after the birth.
  2. ah ok. I did not know I don't have to apply right away. Thanks.
  3. I am from an non-EU country residing in Germany with a blue card. I have been working in Germany for the past 5 years under a normal German employment contract.   I got married couple of months ago in my home country, and my wife became pregnant right after that.   My wife travelling to the capital to apply to join me as well as flying afterwards can cause issues for her health or/and the baby, according to the doctor.   Would that mean I will lose my right to take a parental leave? or in other words, does my wife has to be resident for me to take a parental leave?
  4. I'm on vacation right now and I'll be back to Germany soon. I was wondering if it is allowed to take one dose of AstraZeneca vaccine here at my current location (non-EU) and the second in Germany?