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  1. I have had something similar happen to me many years ago when I was a student. I had the semesterticket which I forgot at home. The bus company spies caught me and wrote a ticket for something like 40 euros as a schwarzfahrer. When I explained that I am a student with a 6 month semesterticket which I don't happen to have on me at the moment, the somewhat stern but polite ticket checker explained an easy way out of it which might be of relevance in your case: Take the ticket you bought (hopefully it has a date and timestamp on it) to the bus company's main customer service area, explain (or try to) the situation as best as you can, and in the best of circumstances, they will cancel the schwarzfahrer fine (should be between 40 to 60 euros) and instead charge you an administrative fee between 5 and 10 euros.
  2.   Do you happen to be a Siemens employee? I know of a 64 qm apartment in the north end near Stadtpark that's going to be vacant around end of November but it can only go to another Siemens employee. 
  3. CR&Cie - Germany : Are they still in Business?

    Just thought to leave a quick feedback.   So I reached out to CR&Cie by filling in the contact form at their web site. Paul Downes wrote back with a link to his diary and we had a preliminary discussion on Aug 20th where we discussed my situation and want kind of insurance coverage would make sense (life, mortgage protection, income protection etc).   Paul said he would run the numbers and email me some options / scenarios soon and I would select the one that made sense and we would sign the contract and take it from there. Didn't hear anything for a couple of weeks so I sent a reminder email. Still no answer.    To be fair it could be that everyone at CR&Cie is on holiday or maybe off sick, in which case all the best. But it's a pity because I wanted to buy my insurance through these guys who seem to have good feedback from other expats.