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  1. So this is a slightly embarrassing sitaution (of my own making) and I am hoping someone can help me find my way out of this paper bag of stupidity and neglect.   We bought an apartment and moved in with our 2 kids (6y, 3y) last year on September 15th. The six month period to submit the Baukindergeld application expires on March 15th.   In all the hassle of moving and renovating I had a brief look at the Baukindergeld requirements and thought I have all the necessary documents.   Now that I logged in to the portal and read this:   I feel very stupid. I have never submitted a tax assessment in all my years in Germany (been working since October 2011, stupid I know. Maybe some psychological fear of paperwork, "I'm gonna do it next year, oh yea next year", and here I am today, without a Steuerbescheid).   Anyway, each year my company sends me a Lohnsteuerbecheinigung and I thought that was what was needed for the Baukindergeld. But this is apparently not enough.   My question is: what can I write in the formlose Erklärung to explain why I don't have a Steuerbescheid.    Am I completely out of luck here?   I would be so so thankful for any hints/ideas on what can be done about this. I think I have until the 15th of March to submit the application (or the next 10 years to beat myself over the head with the tax code)