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  1. Don't know about the procedure for the referral but we were with Dr Barbara Bank when my wife was pregnant. She speaks good English and the practice is in the South. The address is: Wölckernstraße 9, 90459 Nürnberg   http://www.frauenaerztin-bank.de/
  2. Thanks a lot @someonesdaughter and especially @2B_orNot2B for the detailed advice. I took the car back to ATU and showed them the error codes. They said no problem you have a two year warranty on the work we have done so it's going to be kostenlos for you. Picked up the car later and was quite relieved to confirm that it drives straight, handles normally and all error codes are gone.    Thanks again guys for the helpful comments!
  3. So I had my TÜV due this month on my car (9 year old BMW 316d). Had bought the car two years ago with clear HU/AU. It's been driven around 23k in two years. Took it to ATU and it failed because of issues with brake disk, brake lining etc. Me being a complete novice to car repair, straight up asked them what will it cost to fix everything. They emailed a two pager with a long list totalling around 1000 euro. I said OK it is what it is and dropped the car this morning. Today after I picked up the car from ATU here in Nürnberg I noticed: If I let go of the steering, the car veers to the right. Have to keep the steering around 15 degrees to the left to go straight Got a bunch of error messages from the onboard computer: DSC (dynamic stability control), DBC (dynamic brake control), FTM (flat tyre monitor)  Never had these error messages before so this is completely related to the work the ATU did In going to take the car back tomorrow to discuss with ATU. What I'm wondering is: Is something like this normal? Did I get taken for by the ATU and should have instead taken their Kostenvoranschlag to an independent garage to get another quote? If the ATU broke something during the repair, are they liable? What's to prevent them from sticking me with a bill of like 1600 euros to have everything fixed? Any advice / comments will be more than welcome!