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  1. So... after much waiting and a lot of paperwork, finally it was done. The insurer agreed to pay for the bills. It turned out that it was all miscommunication. Their refusal of paying the bill was from a lack of documents. There were two hospitals, so they sent me two emails requesting documents from both of them. Unfortunately, one of those emails never arrived. I checked all my email addresses again and again, but found only one email from the insurer on that day. To all the users who have posted here, thank you very much for your concern. And though it is a bit late now, I wish you all a happy 2019! All is good now. I even found an internship in Berlin  Time for a new journey!
  2. Okay, the story is like this: One and a half year ago, in March 2017, I had an acute stomachache at mid night so a taxi was called to transport me to the nearest hospital, which was St. Elisabethen Krankenhaus in Frankfurt am Main. There they gave me an abdominal ultrasound scan and a shot of pain killer. Then they told me that I should change to another hospital to get better treatment and the ambulance for that arrived at dawn. My stay at the second hospital was covered entirely by my insurance (Mawista) so all was good.   Until now: This week, a letter arrived at my mail box form Allianz. They say that they do not have a contract with this St. Elisabethen hospital  so I must pay the bill myself. I was more than surprised: Almost 1700 Euro for a stay that lasted a few hours, with the only treatments being painkiller and ultrasound scan. And another problem is, the attached bill stated that it expired in April 2017, but the sending date on the letter from Allianz was October 1st 2018, and it only arrived this week.   There are two things that are unclear to me: -This bill feels totally unreal. It feels almost like extortion if you ask me. The most expensive thing in the bill is: DRG-Ziffer G67C (1600 Euros). Is this kind of price normal in Germany? -Will I face some problem with the police since this bill expired so long ago?   And this is not the first time a bill from Allianz like this arrived either. A year ago they asked for the transportation fee of the ambulance, and I already paid that. 400 Euros for a 15 minutes trip    Thank you for reading this until the end. I hope that I will receive an answer soon. I am lost, I do not know what I should do. 1700 is too much for a student.