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  1. So... after much waiting and a lot of paperwork, finally it was done. The insurer agreed to pay for the bills. It turned out that it was all miscommunication. Their refusal of paying the bill was from a lack of documents. There were two hospitals, so they sent me two emails requesting documents from both of them. Unfortunately, one of those emails never arrived. I checked all my email addresses again and again, but found only one email from the insurer on that day. To all the users who have posted here, thank you very much for your concern. And though it is a bit late now, I wish you all a happy 2019! All is good now. I even found an internship in Berlin  Time for a new journey!
  2. Ah good idea! I will come to the hospital to ask for this as soon as I have time!
  3. Oh yes, now that you mention it, I did arrive at the golden time: around 1-2 am, and it was a Sunday to boot! Maybe that was one of the reasons why the costs shot up so high    And @john g. thanks for the encouragement, I will try my best to fit in the system here 
  4. I should be allowed to work full time after graduation  Small jobs for students that pay under 450Eur/month are not counted it seems. 
  5. Well my only hope is to find a job it seems. That's what they told me at AOK  
  6.   Ah, I just found an informative thread about this
  7. Well, from the clauses in, no, it seems that they do not cover that. I will make sure to check for this when I manage to change to a public insurance, thanks for the tip!
  8. I think you missed my point. Of course Germany has many advantages, why do you think I chose to study here in the first place?  My question in short: Is 1700 Eur the right cost for an ultrasound scan and a painkiller shot in Germany?   But from what you said, it seems that it is indeed the appropriate price tag. I never would have thought that medical services would be so costly here    And I said this before, I did want to change insurer. As soon as I knew about them, I tried to, but the popular public ones like AOK rejected, saying that since I started my study with Mawista, I had to stick with it until the end. My only way back to public insurance is to find a full time job it seems.
  9. Thanks, the people before you have already told me about that "pay before" date  I plan to pay that bill as soon as possible after consulting about the price.   And no, I was not complaining about their quality of service, the doctors there were very polite and they did really thorough tests. It was the price. I don't know what price is the norm in Germany, but in my home country, that scan costs about 15 Euros. Of course we have different average income, so lets calculate that in meals. 15E is enough for about 10 meals in a family restaurant in my homeland (which is roughly equivalent to to an Imbiss in Germany), but how many meals can 1600E cover in Germany? Yes, I know that the quality of service in Germany is much higher, but I honestly cannot feel comfortable with that price tag. Maybe I am just not well informed on how costly medical services can be in Germany?
  10. The mail from Allianz told me something along the line of "We do not cover transportation expenses".  Well, I guess that I get what I paid for...  
  11. By the way, this is my bill. If anyone finds something unusual inside, please inform me   A higher quality version is on imgur at  
  12. Dear @john g. and @swimmer, thank you very much for your detailed advice. I will remember this lesson    And @arunadasi, yeah, I cannot believe that they charge me 1700 for an ultrasonic scan and a painkiller shot, now I know a little more about Germany    Anyway, there goes my dream of a new laptop...
  13. I luckily have an emergency saving and if I borrow from my acquaintances (who already gave an ok), I should be able to cover the bill for now and think about how to repay them later. Maybe with some part time jobs. Thanks for your concern  Now what I want to know is, is there a better way to solve this than simply paying this ridiculously expensive bill? Do you have some advice for me?
  14. Urgh, so the only way to solve this is to pay the bill directly to the hospital after all? Is there any chance for me to negotiate or something like that to lower the price? 1700 will be a huge blow to my finance...
  15. Ah, that I know and I agree that I must pay this bill. But my questions were about the price and the expiration date of the bill