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  1. Hello to my favorite forum!  I have been searching for information but I'm starting to getting worried.  This is the scenario:    I'm a spanish guy that has been living and working in Germany as a normal employee since september 2018. I'm an aircraft mechanic.  Now, I quit my job a couple of months ago because a company from the UK made me a job offer.    This is a recruitment company and they don't have the AUG license ( Arbeitnehmerüberlassungsgesetz ). So they have an umbrella company that makes the payroll services for them.    Here is the thing, they want me to sign a 2 week contract but they are making me an invoice. I have to pay taxes (HI, etc, etc) by my own and  200 euros-fee service. And then, the principal company will give me a permanent contract.     I do not have the the  Freiberuflich  or the Gewerbetreibende ID.    I've been calling to the Finanzamt Hamburg but this topic it's a little bit schwer" for them. I am no longer in Hamburg.    Now my question is, Can I work as a freelancer in Germany without being registered as a freelancer? Can I pay taxes by myself as my ex company did?    I don't want to be a freelancer but this company is not giving me a second option. I'm married and I really don't want to mess with German Taxes as my German is not so good.     I will be more than happy to read your comments. I wish you all a great week.