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  1. Living in Wiesbaden vs Mainz

    Thank you for the replies, I will concentrate my search in Mainz then if Wiesbaden is still significantly more expensive (of course need to see how much the transit ticket will cost to factor that in). I have no intentions of driving whatsoever during my stay so not concerned about commuting traffic, I assume the S-Bahn will be crowded but fairly used to that in Munich. 
  2. Hi everyone,  I currently live in Munich but will be moving later this year for a Praktikum in Wiesbaden. I am a student from the US in my late 20's so was hoping I could get some advice on which city would be better to live. Granted I would guess either will be cheaper than Munich but in general is Mainz cheaper than Wiesbaden? I would be looking at WG rooms or 1 room apartments if any are available in my price range (hoping to spend no more than 350 a month) Also as far as social life which would be better for someone of student age? I understand that Mainz is a bit more a student city so my assumption that it would be the better place to live but wondering if the differences would justify a commute. If anyone can give some advice that would be great. Thank you