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  1. Motion Sickness Medications

    This is perfect.  Thank you!   For everyone else, thank you for the responses.  My wife has tried everything under the sun, and the only thing that's worked is the Scopalomine patch.
  2. Motion Sickness Medications

    Air travel makes my wife very, very ill.  In the past, she has used Dramamine to get through flights.  It helps, but it leaves her a mess for a few days. Before we left the USA for Germany, her doctor gave her a prescription for Scopolamine Patches (https://www.transdermscop.com/prescribing-information.htm).  It was very expensive, but completely worth it.  Using the patch, for the first time in her life, she got through a flight (well, the 3 flights it took to get to Germany!) without getting sick, and was functional the days after.  The patch lasts 3 days, and has changed her travel life.    We're taking a flight to India in a few weeks, and she only has 1 patch left.  Does anyone know if this is available in Germany?  Are there any scopalomine-based anti-nausea medications available here?  She hasn't spoken to her doctor yet, so I thought I'd try here first.   Thanks for any info,   katzekuchen
  3. My laptop is stuck in Zoll

    Thanks for all of the info.  I brought the receipt, and some other paperwork with me.  They were very friendly.  I was asked if the package was a gift, and I said no, it's Umzugsgut.  I showed the receipt from 2014, and my Munich Anmeldung to show when I moved here.  They asked me to open the box, so that they could compare the serial number on the laptop to the receipt.  I only needed to pay €6 for the storage fee, because I picked it up a bit late.  I was in and out in 20 minutes.  The walk to and from the U6 took longer :)   I'm 2 for 2 with having a friendly and helpful Zoll experience. I'm hoping there won't be a #3!
  4. My laptop is stuck in Zoll

    I'm gettin ready to deal with Zoll for the 2nd time.  My first experience was good.  I'm hoping #2 is the same. I moved to Munich 3 months ago.  There's a few things my wife and I had left behind that her parents have been slowly shipping to us.  There's been no problems with them being delivered so far, until now.  My inlaws mailed me an old laptop of mine, and it's now stuck at Zoll.  I purchased it new in the US 5 years ago, and I have the receipt from Apple.  Other than bringing the receipt, am I going to need to do anything else to prove that this is my personal belonging?  My understanding is that I can still have personal items shipped to me for 6 months after arriving.  Is there anything else I should make sure to bring with me?   If they DO give me a hard time, and force me to pay fees, what value would they try to make me pay on?  I paid $2200 5 years ago.  My inlaws declared the package value at $600.  A used laptop of similar cost is about $600.  I just want to go there fully prepared for any situation.     Thanks.