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  1. ARD Cologne payment

    Thank you so much :)
  2. ARD Cologne payment

    Thanks a lot. Me and my husband are getting the letters. How to mention that both of us live in the same house? 
  3. ARD Cologne payment

    Hello everyone.            We have been receiving letters from ARD to make payment which we are ready to make. We went to the office which showed in Google maps and came to know that the office has been moved else where. Couldn't find the address. What is the usual process? Is there any possibility of making the payment online?? Or if you have the new address, kindly share it here. What is the 
  4. Swimming lessons for adults in Cologne

    Thank you so much for the information 
  5. Oral rehydration mixture

    yes. thank you
  6. Hello there,         I need a coach who can teach swimming for adults in English. I googled but the search wasn't successful. Do anyone know any information about this. It would be really great if there are any coaches in Mulhiem 
  7. Oral rehydration mixture

    thank you so much for helping me out 
  8. Oral rehydration mixture

    Yeah. Okay thanks
  9. Oral rehydration mixture

    Hi everyone,        Hope you are enjoying holiday season. I need help finding Oral Rehydration powder. Usually we mix the contents of the packet with water and drink. I searched drugstores but couldn't find. Can anyone give pointers for this?