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  1. Hello bhumiku,

    I have read your topic and I would like to make some suggestions. I am from Thailand and move to Australia and I have Australia Citizen before I move to Germany and I benefit to stay in Europe because of my son who have Britttis passport.

    I have one son who is only 12 years old.

    I came to Europe with out his dad because we are divorced .And my son are Australia, Scottis and Thai. What ever you do for your child;

    Firstly you need to register your married' before you leave the country. It is not easy to do of cause in Germany but you can go to Denmark to register married too.  you can do some research. I heard that they make it easier then Germany.Where ever you can do it easy you must do it first. 

    After your married you need to hold Aufenhaltkarte for Germany before you leave to Malaysia to give birth to your child.After the chid born all you need to do in Malaysia take all paper from local register to the German embassy and they will tell you what to do after that.. It will makes your life much easier. My son have Brittis, Australia and Thai passports. It makes life must easier if you do all those

    thing right. If you have any questions you are feel free to sent me a message.






  2. Hello, I am a non-EU Student in Germany and my boyfriend is German. I came to study here, after 3 years LDR, and we have been living together for 2 years.   We are discussing about starting a family soon and it´s very complicated! My Partner is working but doesn´t earn much (social worker, <2k euro/month). I am on private Student Health Insurance (Vela: a wrong decision, what to do).   - would it be easier if we marry first (insurance for me and the child)? - would marrying give us any financial benefits? - How would this affect my Student Visa? I have 2 more years till I graduate. I am fine graduating later or studying while being a mother. We would rather start sooner rather than later.   - Also a dilemma of our LDR: it's my wish that the child be born in my home country, Malaysia, to obtain Malaysian citizenship. This would be important if we/I ever wanted to return to Malaysia. I would at least like to keep this option open for my child. - Could I come back with my baby to study? What additional procedures are there or what are problems could we encounter?   We know having a baby is a big commitment, so we want to make a best choice we can.   If anyone has been in this situation, we would greatly appreciate your advice! Even if you can point us to where we can find definitive information, that would be so helpful. Thank you!